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Started in May of 2008 as a fantastic way for TUG members to participate in this great community!  The TUG member banners are sent from TUG member to TUG member as they vacation at timeshare resorts, and during that vacation the member will sign and take a photo of the banner!

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The current status of the banner and discussion about the banner shipping etc, as well as how to get your name on the list to recieve the banner for your vacation can be found here on the forums: TUG Member Banner Travels the World!     or you can email me at tug@tug2.net to get your name on the list!

Note that as of 11/2013 we have incorporated our TUG Member Banner photos using Picasaweb/Google, you can now see a Global Map of the global journey of the TUG member banner!

TUG Banner Global Map

To submit your photo to be included on the map, all you have to do is email the photo (no size limits!) to photos@tug2.com and put the resort in the subject line!

Below are the photos sent sofar!  

May 2008   TomandRobin at Disney's Vero Beach Resort in Vero Beach Florida!

tomandrobin disney very beach resort

 June 2008
 Thinze3 provided this photo from their balcony at the Silverleaf Seaside Resort in Galveston Texas!

Silverleaf Seaside Resort in Galveston TX

June 2008
- Bill & Cathy Rogers (founders of TUG) and friends at Marriots Cypress Harbour Resort in Orlando florida!

Marriott Cypress Harbour orlando florida

 June 2008  BMWGuyNW on top of the Coronado Beach Resort in San Diego California!

Coronado Beach Resort san diego california

June 2008  KevJan at Woodstone Meadows in Massanutten Virginia!

Woodstone at Massanutten Virginia

June 2008  Black Diamond at Clinton Reef Club in Port Clinton Ohio

Clinton Reef Club

July 2008
 Black Diamond at Silverleaf Fox River Resort in Fox River Illinois!

Silverleaf Fox River Resort

 July 2008
 Jesuis1837 at Marriotts Aruba Surf club in Aruba!

Marriotts Aruba Surf Club

July 2008  SusieQ at the ORE in St George Utah!

ORE Resort in St. George Utah

August 2008
 Laxmom at Disney Old Key West Resort!

Disney old key west

August 2008 - debraxh at Mountain Retreat Resort

mountain retreat

August 2008 - Clsmit and family at Harborside Atlantis in the Bahamas!

harborside atlantis timeshare

Sept 2008
- MakaiGuy and Gal at Apple Valley!

Apple Valley Resort ohio

June 2008
- IreneLF at Smugglers Notch Resort

Smugglers Notch Resort

Sept 2008
- HopHop4 at Royale Beach and Tennis club in South Padre island Texas!

Royale Beach and Tennis club

October 2008 - BlackDiamond and family at Apple Valley Resort

Apple Valley Resort

 October 2008 - abbekit at Club Intrawest in Vancouver!

Abbiekit at Club Intrawest in Vancouver

October 2008 - Pammex and Friends on the beach at the Royal Villas in Mazatlan Mexico!

Royal Villas at Mazatlan

October 2008 - Pammex with the sales staff of the Royal Villas in Mazatlan
(we had to include this photo because the sales staff were such good sports!)

Royal Villas Mazatlan sales staff!!

November 2008 - Clever photo from rsnash at Club Cala de Palmas in Puerto Rico!
club cala de palmas in puerto rico

Photo in front of the Resort
club cala de palmas

November 2008 - abbekit at Banff Rocky Mountain Resort in Canada!

Banff Rocky Mountain Resort

November 2008 Pammex at Mayan Palace in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico
Mayan Palace Resort

November 2008 - BMWGuyNW at Kauai Beach Villas in hawaii!
Kauai Beach Villas

November 2008 - Clsmit at Sheraton Vistana Villages in Orlando Florida!
sheraton vistana villages in orlando

  December 2008 - BlackDiamond at Massanutten in Virginia!
BlackDiadmond at Massanutten Resort

December 2008 - Aussiedog takes pseduo banner to Antarctica!!  
Yes this isnt the real TUG banner, but to have TUG advertised at the ends of the earth was certainly the idea!  TUG loves you too!

November 2008 - JanetC at the Grand Crowne Resort in Branson MO!!  
Grand Crowen Resort

December 2008 - GraceF at Westin Mission Hills in California!!  
Westin Mission Hills Resort

January 2009 - GraceF and family at Marriotts Newport Coast Villas in California!!  
Marriott Newport Coast Villas

January 2009 - GraceF and family at Marriotts Desert Springs Villas in California!!
Marriott Desert Springs Villas

 January 2009 - Pammex's significant other in front of the Bellaire Golf Resort!!  
Bellaire Resort and Spa

 January 2009 - Pammex at the Velas Vallarta!!  
Club Velas Vallarta

 January 2009 - Pammex at the Casa Velas (2 photos)!!  
Casa Velas Resort

Casa Velas

January 2009 - MAS at the Royal Palms!!
Royal Palms Resort

January 2009 - MAS at the Imperial Palms!!
Marriott Imperial Palms

January 2009 - MAS at the Hyatt Beach House in Key West!!
Hyatt Beach House

March  2009 - Pammex at the Vallarta Palace in Mexcio!!
Pammex at Vallarta Palace Resort

 March  2009 - Pammex at the Vallarta Palace in Mexcio!!
vallarta palace balcony

March  2009 - TimeshareVon at Wyndham Flagstaff and Grand Canyon!!
Wyndham Flagstaff Timeshare

 March  2009 - Pammex in front of Mural at Marina De Oro in Mexico!!
MArina De Oro Timeshare

March  2009 - Pammex gets spring breakers to pose for the Tug Banner in front of Marina De Oro!!
Spring Break at Marina De Oro

March  2009 - Pammex in lobby of Crown Paradise Resort in Mexico!!
Crown Paradise Timeshare Lobby

April  2009 - W_buckley takes new TUG banner diving in the Grand Caymans!!
TUG Banner underwater in grand cayman islands

April  2009 - W_buckley diving on Main Street Reef in Grand Cayman!!
TUG Banner diving on grand cayman

April  2009 - Robertk1 with banner in front of the Klondike Kaverns waterpark!!
Klondike Kaverins Water Park

April  2009 - Clsmit at Westin Lagunamar at the swim up bar in cancun!!
Westin Lagunamar swim up bar

June  2009 - RSnash at Atlantis!!
TUGGER RSNash at Atlantis resort

June  2009 - Black Diamond at Bon Temps Village!!
tugger Black Diamond at Bon Temps Village

 June  2009 - KarenG at Yellowstone!!
TUGGER KarenG at Yellowstone!

June  2009 - TomandRobin at Westin st. John!!
tugger tomandrobin at westin st. john

June  2009 - Clsmit and friends (holding microbanner) at Westin Ka'anapali!!
tugger clsmit at westin ka'anapali

une  2009 - Joy1RN with friends and both banners at Polo Towers!!
Joy1RN at Polo Towers Timeshare in Las Vegas

June  2009 - Black Diamond and family at Eagle Village!!
Black Diamond at Eagle Village Resort

June  2009 - Black Diamond and family at Land of Canaan!!
Black Diadmond at Land of Canaan Resort

June  2009 - TimeshareVon at La Belle Maison!!
Timesharevon at La Belle Maison

July  2009 - Thinze3 at Ko'olina!!
Thinze3 at Marriott Ko'Olina Resort

thinze3, njdave and Zac495 and family!

Tuggers at Ko'Olina Timeshare

July  2009 - HappyTravels at Piney Shores Resort in Conroe Texas!!
happy travels at piney shores resort

 August  2009 - Karen G at Pueblo Bonito Rose in Cabo!!
Pueblo Bonito Rose in cabo san lucas

August  2009 - HopHop4 at Bandera River Ranch in Texas!!
Bandera River Ranch

August  2009 - HopHop4 (SO) at Hill Country Resort in Texas!!
Hill Country Resort

September  2009 - HappyTravels at Landmark Resort in Florida!!
Landmark Resort panama city

September  2009 - HappyTravels at Soundside Holiday Beach Resort in Florida!!
Soundside Holiday Beach Resort

October  2009 - joy1rn at the Royal Haciendas in Mexico!!
Royal Haciendas

November  2009 - Aussiedog at the Wyndham Ocean Walk in Florida!!
Wyndham Ocean Walk daytona beach

December  2009 - TimeshareVon at the Wyndham Nashville in Tennessee!!
wyndham nashville

Jan 2010 -Grayfal at the Wyndham Bluebeard's BeachClub St Thomas USVI !!
Wyndham Bluebeard's BeachClub St Thomas USVI

Jan 2010 - SBK at Kings Creek Plantation!!
Kings Creek Plantation

Feb 2010 - KarenG at Manhattan Club in NYC!!
Manhattan Club

March 2010 - HappyTravels at Holiday Beach Resort in Destin FL!!
Manhattan ClubHoliday Beach Resort Destin FL

March 2010 - Pianodinosaur and spouse on a Caribbean Cruise to St. Lucia!!
caribbean cruise

May 2010 - HopHop at Silverleaf Holiday Hills Resort!!
silverleaf holiday hills resort

May 2010 - HopHop at The Villages Resort in Texas!
The Villages Resort

June 2010 - Cruising TUGGERS trip to Barcelona!!
Crusing Tuggers 2010

 June 2010 - Cruising TUGGERS at Marriott's Playa Andaluza Resort!!
Marriott Playa Andaluza

Sept 2010 - Pianodinosaur and spouse at Sunset Harbor Resort in Texas!!
Sunset Harbor Resort

Sept 2010 - PatH, GrayFal, IreneLF, Kay H and Beaglemom3 at Westin St. John!!
Westin St. John

Sept 2010 - TimeshareVon at Denali National Park in Alaska!!
Denali National Park

Sept 2010 - TimeshareVon at Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska!!
Kenai Fjords National Park

Oct 2010 - Happytravels at Seaside Resort in Galveston!!
Silverleaf Seaside Resort

Oct 2010 - Happytravels at Peregrine Townhomes in Freeport!!
Peregrine Townhomes

Dec 2010 - BlackDiamond at Hiwatha Manor-Lake Tansi Resort in TN!!
Hiwatha Manor

 Nov 2010 - BlackDiamond at Eagle Village in PA!!
Eagle Village

Nov 2010 - BlackDiamond at Land of Canaan in WV!!
Land of Canaan

Nov 2010 - BlackDiamond at Massunutten in VA!!

Dec 2010 - Happy1 in Central Park, New York!!
central park new york city

Dec 2010 - Drucker at Tahiti Village in Vegas!!
tahiti village las vegas

Feb 2011 - Pianodinosaur at Marriott Guanacaste in Costa Rica!!
Marriott Guanacaste Costa Rica

March 2011 - Mas at Disney Aluani under construction in Hawaii!!
Disney Aluani construction

March 2011 - Mas at Marriott Kauai Lagoons in Hawaii!
Kauai Lagoons marriott

March 2011 - Mas at Kona Coast Resort in Hawaii!
Kona Coast Resort Hawaii

April 2011 - EileenSRN @ Cliffs of Peace Canyon in Vegas!
Cliffs at peace canyon

April 2011 - Happytravels and family @ Silverleaf Piney Shores in Texas!
Silverleaf Piney Shores Texas

July 2011 - Pianodinosaur @ HGVC Parc Soleil in Orlando!
HGVC Parc Soleil in orlando

August 2011 - Pianodinosaur @ Marriott Moutain Valley Lodge in Colorado!
Marriott Moutain Valley Lodge Breckenridge

August 2011 - Hophop4 @ Worldmark Neu Braunfels in Texas!
Worldmark New Braunfels Texas

December 2011 - Caribbean-Lover with some amazing shots in France!
TUG in france

Marriott Village d'lle de France in paris

The next photo should be you!  visit this thread to participate!  TUG BANNER THREAD

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