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Reading Timeshare Classified Ad Messages
This advice article describes how the TUG Marketplace message system works and how to check and respond to your Messages!

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Timeshare Marketplace Messages

the TUG Timeshare Marketplace has always been an extremely popular and visited location for Timeshare Resales and Rentals.  In previous versions of our Marketplace, we had each users name, email address and Phone number listed in plain text on the ads.  This made it very easy for spammers and scammers to obtain this information and generated a ton of useless emails to our members.

In the current format of the TUG Marketplace, only the contact phone number is displayed on the Ad form (and even that is optional).  To contact a member about a classified ad, the buyer/renter fills out a simple form that sends a message directly to the email address of the TUG member who posted the ad.

You can see this contact form here:

timeshare marketplace messages

*note - many browsers have an "auto fill" feature that will detect pages asking for contact information and automatically fill in these fields with your personal information.  This page is completely blank by default.

Where does that message go?

The message itself is stored on the TUG server so there is no chance it can ever be lost!  An instant and automatic email notification that you have received a new message is sent to the email address configured as the "contact info" for the ad when it was originally posted.  

To read the contents of the message, you must log into TUG and click the link titled "View your Messages" which is available in two separate locations:

First when you log into the TUG MEMBER ONLY SECTION here:

classified ad messages

Clicking on this link will display all of the messages you have recieved for all of your ads, with the contents of the message itself and the contact information of hte individual who sent the message to you!

timeshare marketplace

*note unless you choose to specifically delete the messages, or the classified ad they are linked to, these ad messages will remain on your account forever!  There is absolutely no reason to delete an ad or a message unless you truly believe it is spam.  You are welcome to leave these ads and messages on your account forever just in case you want to contact these individuals for a future rental or resale opportunity!

Ok, so how do I reply?

Each of the messages above provides you the name, email address, and phone number of the person who sent you the message about your ad.  If any of these items are missing (ie no phone number) it means the individual who sent you the message did not fill that part of the contact form out.

Your choices to respond to the message via email can be done one of two ways:

1. If your web browser is configured properly to your email client, simply clicking on the email address within your browser will bring up your email client and allow you to send them a reply to their message.  

*note if you have never configured your web browser to use your email client, you are likely to get a random error message relating to MS outlook express or something similar.  You can either choose to configure your web browser at that time, or simply use the next option.

2. Copy the email address (right click and choose copy email address), and then open up whatever mail client you use (gmail/hotmail/yahoo/outlook/etc) and compose a new email by pasting that email address into the TO: field (right click and choose paste).   We would suggest filling out the subject line with something that will indicate that this is in regards to your TUG marketplace resale or rental, but that is up to you.

Will their reply also be stored on TUG with my ad?

Great question, and the answer is no!  Once you have sent them an email using your own email client, all replies will go directly to your inbox!  You only need to log back into the TUG marketplace to view any new messages from other members about your ad!

It is important to note that many of TUG's notification emails get lost in spam/junk email folders regularly, so its a good idea to at the very least log into the TUG member only section to see if you have any new Classified Ad messages from individuals interested in your ads!

More information on Spam/Junk email can be found here:  TUG and Spam!

Why did you configure it this way?

As mentioned at the start, it was simply too easy for Spammers and Scammers to generate huge lists of TUG member information and clog your inboxes with junk email and scam offers.  With this method we allow you to preview each message sent, and choose on your own to reply directly to the individual.  This way none of your personal information (not even your name) is shared with anyone you dont choose to give it to!

The Final Word!

We have so many unread classified messages on TUG that we had to generate a special script run each week that sends yet ANOTHER reminder for those members to log back in and check their messages for their Classified ads!  We feel that this can be contributed completely to TUG notification emails being intercepted by spam/junk email filters and folders.  It is our hope that this article will serve as additional notification for members to regularly check those folders and or at least log into the site to check for unread messages about their classified ads!!

Feel free to stop by our Timeshare Online Community Forums if you want to ask specific questions, with more than 65,000 other Timeshare owners and experts, no question goes unanswered!


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