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Questions and Information about Timeshare Users Group!

This section is provided to answer many of the questions about TUG's operation that we receive on a daily basis. Below is a list of topics that are linked to the answers. As our group gets larger, it becomes very difficult to answer individual emails, so please check this section prior to sending a question, or check the TUGBBS forums for additional help from other members!

TUG Membership Questions

How do I Join TUG?

To join our group, Go here JOIN NOW choose the payment option that best suits you. We have several payment options including a secure online payment system as well as Paypal. The Membership info will be emailed to you after your payment is completed! All manual payments are processed within 24 hours. Note if you are expecting an email from TUG but have not received it yet, please check your SPAM or junk email folder: Spam Info

What does it cost to join?

TUG membership dues are only $15 for a full year of membership and each year you are a member you receive $75 worth of classified ads in the TUG TIMESHARE MARKETPLACE! Note that existing members can renew at a discounted rate of $10/year. There are ZERO additional fees or hidden charges with a TUG membership!

How do I pay for my membership?

TUG membership payment options are as follows:

When will I get my password?

All membership info is sent to the email address used to submit your payment. Normally we try to process all new memberships daily. If immediate access is required, please use the Online TUG Secure Online Payment system. All paypal payments must be processed manually and are done within 24 hours. Note if you are expecting an email from TUG but have not received it yet, please check your SPAM or junk email folder for an email from or

Why doesn't my TUG member password work in the TUG BBS?

The TUG BBS is a completely separate automated program which utilizes usernames and passwords unique to each individual. We do suggest you use the exact same username and password you chose for your TUG Membership so they are both the same, but this is optional. For help on passwords click here.

How do I renew my membership?

About a month prior to your membership expiring, you will receive a renewal email notice. You can pay for your $15 renewal dues in the same ways you pay for any of the TUG features (see how do I pay answered above). We also have a special discounted $30 3 year renewal available. All renewal options are located here TUG Renewal Page *Note TUG memberships do NOT auto-renew.

What is the cost of renewals?

Yearly (12 months) membership renewal dues are only $15 (and comes with $75 worth of free ads!). 3 year renewal is only $30 and includes $225 worth of classified ads!

Who do I contact for more membership info?

You can email TUG for help for any membership related items 24 hours a day at, you can also call our office line between 12 and 5pm eastern at 904 298 3185.

How do I change my email address?

To update your email address simply log into the TUG member only section here MEMBER LOGIN. Once logged in click the MY TUG/SETTINGS link at the top right hand corner and then choose the EMAIL UPDATE drop down option.

TUGBBS Online Forums Questions

What is the TUG BBS?

The TUG Bulletin Board System (BBS) is the Online discussion forum area of the Timeshare Users Group. This is where you can have your timeshare questions answered, or discuss various aspects of timesharing (please be aware that this is an area for discussion, not sales). Participation in the BBS is free and open to all! You may read available posted messages in the public forums by going to TUGBBS.COM, but you must register your username and password as a bbs user in order to post messages. Some features are reserved for those identifying themselves as TUG Members on the forums!

Why won't the BBS let me log in with the username and password I received in my TUG Membership email?

The TUG BBS is a separate automated program which utilizes usernames and passwords unique to each individual. We suggest using the same username and password you created for your membership, but this is not required (it just makes things much easier if you only have to remember a single login and password for all of TUG). For help on passwords click here.

I am a TUG Member and have registered as a user of the BBS. Why does the BBS show me as a guest?

You must enter the current BBS MEMBER CODE WORD into your bbs profile to be recognized as a TUG Member on the bbs. Note that you will need to update this any time the TUG Member password is changed. Please see this thread on the forums for further information.

Where can I find more information about the BBS?

There are detailed help topics and instructions for all forum functions available here on the TUGBBS forum help page!

Timeshare Resort Review Questions

How do I read the Resort Reviews?

There are links to the resort review section at the top and bottom of most pages on TUG. You can also click here to go to the Timeshare Resort Review homepage. We suggest you bookmark your favorite pages for easy future access. If you are having trouble with the required username and password, please review the Password Help Page.

How do I submit Resort Reviews?

When browsing to any specific resort within TUG, a link will be available directly on that page to submit a review for that resort! Alternatively you can begin to write a review for any resort by visiting this link directly: Submit a Timeshare Resort Review.

How do I upload photos of the resort?

Resort photos are now uploaded directly on the resort review pages themselves, simply go to the TUG Resort Reviews and select the resort you wish to upload an image for and click the "Upload a Photo" button. this will submit the photo directly to TUG for addition on the resort review page! This page provides more detailed info on Timeshare Owner Photos.

How often are the reviews posted?

It varies depending upon the review area manager. As volunteers, each person has their own availability to process the reviews submitted. If you have not seen your review posted within a day or two, it is fair to send us an email asking why! Reviews are what TUG is all about and we highly value them and You will receive an instant email "thank you" upon the successfully submission of a Resort Review to TUG.

Does TUG have reviews on international resorts?

Absolutely, TUG has reviews for timeshare resorts all over the world! If you do not see a resort you wish to submit a review for, please email us at

What are the rating guidelines?

There is a detailed list of rating guidelines on the review page itself prior to you submitting the review. Resorts are rated on a scale from 1 to 10 with 1 being awful, and 10 being the best resort you have ever stayed in.

How do you select the Top Resorts?

The Top Rated TUG Resorts are based entirely on the average of the ratings received from Timeshare members within only the past few years (note very old reviews are not counted in the current rating score). They are NOT based on the opinions of TUG or its coordinators. In order to have some statistical validity, a minimum of ten recent ratings for a resort must be received for it to qualify for the Top Ten. You can also view a variety of different lists for free on the TUG Timeshare Resort Review Page:

you can also view the top rated resorts broken down by each geographical location and area of the world for planning your next great Timeshare Vacation, all available along the navigation bars along the left hand side of every page!


Timeshare Marketplace Classified Ad Questions

How do I post a classified ad?

All classified ads must be submitted using the Place New Ad link located via the drop down menu on the TUG marketplace after a members is logged in. The TUG marketplace will walk you thru posting any For sale, For Rent or Direct Exchange ad and ask you for all of the details about the resort during the ad posting process! We also have a great video walkthru on Youtube that you can watch to see a complete ad get posted: . This page details the process of posting a new ad on TUG: How to Place a Timeshare Classified ad.

What is the cost of the ads?

Ads for individual TUG members are completely free with your membership! A TUG member can post up to 25 ads each year at no cost whatsoever!

How long are ads posted?

All ads in the TUG marketplace are posted for 90 days, at which time they can be extended by the member if the ad is still available for sale or for rent. note that an ad expiration email is automatically sent a week prior to any ad expiring

How big can ads be?

There is no realistic limit to what you can type in the ad description. (note that adding non-standard html or other code in your ad may cause errors). Feel free to browse existing ads to get a feel for what owners type in the ad description fields.

How do I change or remove my ads?

When Logged into the TUG Timeshare Marketplace simply click the TIMESHARE MARKETPLACE drop down menu at the very top of the page and select "View your Classified Ads". This will display any and all ads you have created in the marketplace and options to edit/delete/etc are available as buttons at the bottom of each ad.

How do I pay for my ads?

Ads for individual members are free, if you are an ad broker more ad credits can be purchased by choosing the "Timeshare Marketplace" drop down menu when logged into the site.

When are the new ads posted?

All ads go into an approval queue to be posted within 24 hours. This usually happens much quicker as ads are posted regularly every day.

How do I determine what price to ask for my resort?

TUG has become one of the most effective (and by far the best priced ) places to advertise your Timeshares ... we sell and rent many. However, with the current glut of timeshare offers available, your success will depend mostly on your pricing... with so many choices most people are only interested in bargains! We recommend reading the "how to sell your timeshare" article here: How to Sell your Timeshare

How do I post a Direct Exchange Ad?

Direct Exchange ads are posted in exactly the same way as regular for sale or for rent ads, you simply select "for exchange" as the first option when it asks you the ad type you wish to post in the marketplace.

What do I do when I get someone who wants to exchange?

A direct exchange is the use of your timeshare week by a guest. There is no cost involved. Each Owner is responsible for making all arrangements such as notifying your resort of the guest use. You also warrant that the time has not been deposited with an exchange company and is available for exchange and that applicable maintenance fees have been paid. TUG does not get involved in any way with these trades, we are only providing this space as a public service to help our members and other timeshare owners. Here is more information on Timeshare Direct Exchanges

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to email us at any time for any reason! We are here to help all owners! TUG@TUG2.NET

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What does TUG offer Timeshare owners?

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Timeshare Ratings & ReviewsAccess to Ratings & Reviews of more than 5000 Timeshare resorts all over the world!

All reviews are submitted by Timeshare owners who have traveled to these resorts and provide an accurate account of the property, room, local attractions and more!

Timeshare Discussion ForumsThe TUGBBS online community forums consists of tens of thousands of other timeshare owners and is the first, largest and most informative online Timeshare Forum on the internet!

No timeshare question goes unanswered no matter how simple or complex! With Timeshare experts and owners alike, you will learn more from just reading and participating in these forums than you could ever imagine!

Timeshare MarketplaceThe TUG Timeshare Marketplace is one of the largest and most visited timeshare classified ad sites on the internet with tens of millions of dollars in completed listings and thousands of current ads posted by owners!

All ads are open to the public and do not require membership to browse! TUG Members receive $75 worth of free ads, enough to sell or rent your timeshare all year!

Free Timeshare Advice ArticlesTUG Advice is probably the most helpful section of the site for new buyers/sellers just getting into timesharing.

Written by owners, members and experts. These articles cater to the entry level and intermediate level timeshare individual and are a must read for anyone thinking of buying or selling a timeshare and those who want to make the absolute most out of their timeshare experience!