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Timeshare Users Group Lifetime Membership!

TUG Lifetime Membership Awards

As a special thanks to all those members who have supported TUG as volunteer reps both past and present we are awarding them our Lifetime Membership in our group. We are also awarding this to all individual members who have generated at least 10 referral awards and or are TUG volunteers for more than a year.

Take a look at how the TUG website has evolved over the years at TUG Wayback Machine

Below is the current list. It will take awhile to go back 30 years and check on all those who have been volunteers and helped with TUG. If you feel you qualify for this award and are not listed, please just email me and I will try to determine if you can win this also. When this list is complete, it will contain the names of all those who have made TUG possible. Again a Special thanks to all those listed below.

How to Refer members to Timeshare Users Group

We have updated our membership referral program so current members can provide information on TUG to others and earn these referral awards easier. There is also an easy to use copy of a new TUG Membership Referral Page you can cut and paste to you own website to generate additional referrals.

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