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This page exists for a quick and easy cut/paste via email about everything TUG has to offer a new member, feel free to use any of the information below to invite friends/family or other timeshare owners to TUG!  Each and every timeshare owner would benefit from the knowledge they can gain on TUG even if they dont choose to join!

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Below is a copy of a sample TUG Membership Referral page you can use on your own website to generate your own TUG referral awards. All you need to do is edit and add your name and email address to this page where indicated and then cut and paste the page to your own website.

Almost all ISP offer their users their own personal websites. If you already have one just add the below page. If not check with your online ISP's help section on how to set it up. If you need help or have questions, just email me at tug@tug2.net.

thanks for all your support of our group.

Bill Rogers

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Timeshare Users Group Membership Referral

As a member of the Timeshare Users Group, I have the privilege of referring prospective new TUG members. I invite you to check out our group's website in hopes that you will find it as valuable as I did and will join our efforts by becoming a member of TUG. Below is our mission statement and a brief list of the features available through this group.

The Timeshare User's Group started in 1993 is a self-help organization composed of timeshare owners and other interested parties. TUG provides timeshare owners with an unbiased source of consumer oriented information regarding timeshare resorts and the timeshare concept. TUG collects reviews and ratings on more than 4000 timeshare resorts from TUG Members who have been there and provides this data along with area activities, sites to see and places to eat for member use. Additionally, TUG provides a variety of services which enhance the Timeshare users' awareness of the current timeshare industry. The quote we hear most from new members is "I wish I had known about TUG before I bought my first timeshare".

Membership Features available through the TUG website

*Note - Please use my name - Replace this with your own name  - as your sponsor and referring member when you join TUG ( I do get a member referral bonus when you join, so I would appreciate it if you mention my name ).

I invite you to check out the Timeshare Users Group Website ( www.tug2.net )

If you have any questions or comments for me, just email = Replace this with your own email address

Why become a TUG member?

There is an extended TUG resort reviews database here on this web site available only to TUG members. There are over 4000 resorts covered by this database now and growing weekly. The reviews also include pictures of the resorts, general resort information and a list of owners' email addresses who are willing to answer additional questions regarding the resorts not covered by the detailed reviews.   This is a quick way to see how our members rate the resorts which they have actually stayed at. It has become a valuable source of information to use when planning for exchanges.


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