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Timeshare Scam Advice and Help!
This page serves as a summary for all of TUGs free Timeshare Advice articles discussing Timeshare Scams and Ripoffs in this industry!

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Timeshare Scam Advice and Help

Firstly, if you have any sort of association with the Timeshare industry, be it as an owner, renter, salesman, or someone who is merely interested in becoming any of those...you will have, or will soon....encounter a Scam to part you from your hard earned money.

This Page was created to centralize all of TUG's existing Free Timeshare Advice articles and links to help you both identify and avoid scams, and possible courses of action you can take if you were scammed or contacted by a scammer!

How do I tell if its a Scam?

We have two very popular articles to help folks both Identify common scams in the Timeshare industry, as well as determine if the company or individual who has contacted you is trying to Scam you!

1. Timeshare Scams and Fairy Tales
This article was written more than a decade ago and is constantly updated to reflect the subtle changes these scammers have developed throughout the years to keep these scams going.

2. Is this Timeshare Company Legitimate
Not a day goes by when we do not get a phone call, email or post on the forums asking if "random xyz" company is legitimate or not.  This article will let you easily answer that question.

3. How to Verify a Timeshare Rental is Legit!
Timeshare Rental scams do indeed happen!  Here is a great way to protect yourself if you are thinking of renting a Timeshare!

Ive already been Scammed, what can I do?

Well first off, at least reading the above articles and having been ripped off at least once before, we hope that you will never fall for one of these scams again!  However you do have some options in front of you in an attempt to recover your money!  

1. Timeshare Scam Retaliation
This article provides a few steps to take after you have been scammed in an attempt to have them refund your payment and who you can report the crime to!

But I read other folks had Success with these Scammers?

Ha!  You would simply not believe how creative some of these individuals are.  We regularly get shills of these companies coming onto the forums to report the "successes" of said scammers...you will find this activity all over the Internet.  Remember, they are so successful at these scams because they are so convincing its legitimate!   This article shows how to identify Timeshare Shills:

What is a Timeshare Shill

Ok, so how do I Sell or Rent without being Scammed?

Great question!  First if you have read each of the articles above, you should have no problem identifying the scams present in the industry today!  Now the following articles describe how to both Rent and Sell your Timeshare yourself, and avoid being scammed!

How to Sell your Timeshare

How to Rent your Timeshare

Finally, as an added note for good measure I would like to point out that we believe the majority of Timeshares go unsold (and make you a perfect target for the scammers above) because so many folks are simply out of touch with the Timeshare Resale market.  We suggest reading this article for a reality check!

Cold Hard Facts about Selling your Timeshare

But this company is a Charity, surely that cant be a Scam?

We encounter the "charity donation" topic on a very regular basis.  Fact is folks, charities dont want your Timeshare...and if you were able to sell it in the first place, you wouldn't be looking to "donate" it.  These two advice articles provide some real world Tax information, as well as how many of these charities operate!

Can I Donate my Timeshare?

While we were hesitant to mention the charity item here, we firmly believe that many of these organizations are providing very shady tax advice in the effort to get you to pay a significant fee upfront.  It is important for you to know the facts before making any sort of financial decision!

The Final Word!

As mentioned before, if you are in any way related to the Timeshare Industry...you are going to encounter a Scam of some sort if you have not already done so!  They are so popular now for one reason only:


Hundreds of folks every day fall for these scams that seem so blatantly obvious after reading these articles, but become much more convincing when actually encountered.

We hope at the very least that this helps many a Timeshare owner protect themselves from becoming the next victim!

Feel free to stop by our Timeshare Online Community Forums if you want to ask specific questions, with more than 65,000 other Timeshare owners and experts, no question goes unanswered!


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