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Introduction to Timeshares!
This page serves as a summary for all of TUGs free Timeshare Advice articles discussing basic Timesharing concepts!

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Introduction to Timeshare

If you are new to Timeshares or Timesharing, or are an owner that simply wants to learn the basics of the Timeshare concept to make better use of the intervals that you own, this article is for you!

TUG has more than 100 free Timeshare Advice articles, but this one is a must read for anyone who wants to learn the basics without becoming overwhelmed with information!

Where to begin?

You could literally spend weeks (if not more) learning the ins and outs of Timeshares, however if you just want a great and simple overview of the Timeshare concept, look no further than this article:

Timesharing 101 - an Introduction to Timeshares

Written 10+ years ago and maintained to this date, this is perhaps the most comprehensive introduction to Timesharing you will find on the Internet.  Covering everything from exchanges, to resales...this article is where all new Timeshare owners should start!

I see all these Terms and Abbreviations, what do they mean?

You will no doubt find this industry (not unlike others) is full of shorthand, obscure terms, and abbreviations.  We have constructed a glossary for the most common of these for your reference:

Timeshare Glossary and Acronyms

Why would anyone buy a Timeshare?

Well first off congratulations on finding TUG before you spent too much money buying new from the developer!  If you are just looking at why Timeshares are so appealing to owners, look no further than this article:

Why Timeshares Make Sense for Vacation!

Why should I believe you instead of the Industry?

Great question!  You will find that TUG is nothing more than a giant community of Timeshare Owners that exists to help each other spread information about the Timeshare Industry and Timesharing, this article describes how TUG formed and why!

Why was TUG Formed?

Anything else I need to know?

Well we certainly suggest you read up on any and all of the other articles in the TUG advice section here:

Free Timeshare Advice

Also be sure to register on our Timeshare Online Discussion Forums where tens of thousands of Owners and Experts ask and answer all Timeshare related questions!  Registration and participation on the forums is 100% free!

TUGBBS Online Forums


The Final Word!

When you buy a Timeshare, you simply aren't given any sort of instruction manual or advice whatsoever about how best to use it, or even what is expected of you as an owner!  TUG exists to answer these very questions and help you make the most of your Timeshare!  Whether you are an existing owner, brand new owner, or simply looking to buy your first Timeshare, finding TUG will be the next best thing in your Timeshare Journey (right behind actually taking your vacations!)


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