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Frequently Asked Questions about TUG!
This section is provided to answer many of the questions about TUG's operation that we receive on a daily basis. Below is a list of topics that are linked to the answers. As our group gets larger, it becomes very difficult to answer individual emails, so please check this section prior to sending a question, or check the BBS for additional help from other members!

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General Questions

How do I join TUG?
To join our group, Go here JOIN NOW choose the payment option that best suits you. We have several payment options using a credit card. If you need immediate access to our members only sections, use the TUG Secure Online payment system (New members get instant access!). Other payment options are listed below. The Membership info will be emailed to you. All payments are processed within 24 hours.  Note if you are expecting an email from TUG but have not received it yet, please check your SPAM or junk email folder:  Spam Info

Note: The ID and password you will get when you join TUG is for accessing Members Only databases. This is different from the TUG BBS User Name and Password. The TUG BBS is an automated program and you will pick your own nickname and password when you register for the TUG BBS. Refer to the TUG BBS FAQ for further information.

What does it cost to join?
TUG membership dues are only $15 for the first 12 months and each year you are a member you receive $75 worth of classified ads in the TUG TIMESHARE MARKETPLACE! The renewal dues are only $15/year or $30 for 3 years (both come with free classified ads)

How do I pay for my membership?
Membership (like all TUG features) can be paid via the following:

To pay using credit cards (Visa, Master card, Amex or Discover) you have many choices.

  1. Use the TUG Secure Online Payment System linked on our home page (you will receive a link to complete your membership on the thank you page after paying!)
  2. Use PayPal Payment
  3. Call 800-243-1921 (US & Canada only) or 904-298-3185
  4. send the information by email to tug@tug2.net
  5. To pay by check (in US funds - please use an international postal money order outside USA & Canada) mail to:  TUG, po box 1442, Orange Park, Fl 32067 USA

When will I get my password?
All membership info is sent to the email address used when you JOIN. Normally we try to process all new memberships daily (weekdays only). If immediate access is required, please use the Online TUG Secure Online Payment system.  All paypal payments must be processed manually, but are done within 24 hours.  Note if you are expecting an email from TUG but have not received it yet, please check your SPAM or junk email folder:  Spam Info

Why doesn't my TUG member password work in the TUG BBS?
The TUG BBS is a completely separate automated program which utilizes usernames and passwords unique to each individual. We do suggest you use the exact same username and password you chose for your TUG Membership so they are both the same, but this is optional.  For help on passwords click here.

How do I renew my membership?
About a month prior to your membership expiring, you will receive a renewal email notice. You can pay for your $15 renewal dues in the same ways you pay for any of the TUG features (see how do I pay answered above). We also have a special discounted $30 3 year renewal available.  All renewal options are located here http://renewal.tug2.net 

What is the cost of renewals?
Yearly (12 months) membership renewal dues are only $15 (and comes with $75 worth of free ads!). 3 year renewal is only $30 and includes $225 worth of classified ads!

Who do I contact for more membership info?
Almost all answers about TUG memberships are posted on this website, however if you can't find the answers you need, you can send email questions to tug@tug2.net or call 904-298-3185 between noon and 5pm est weekdays.

Password Questions

There are several different username and password combinations used in the various sections of the TUG website. You can access any and all current passwords instantly here:  Please see the Password Help Page for assistance with TUG passwords.

TUG BBS Questions

What is the TUG BBS?
The TUG Bulletin Board System (BBS) is the Online discussion forum area of the Timeshare Users Group. This is where you can have your timeshare questions answered, or discuss various aspects of timesharing (please be aware that this is an area for discussion, not sales). Participation in the BBS is free and open to all! You may read available posted messages in the public forums by going to www.tugbbs.com, but you must first register as a bbs user in order to post messages. Some features are reserved for those identifying themselves as TUG Members.

Why won't the BBS let me log in with the username and password I received in my TUG Membership email?
The TUG BBS is a separate automated program which utilizes usernames and passwords unique to each individual. You choose your own bbs username and bbs password when you register as a user of the bbs and now you will be able to have the SAME USERNAME AND PASSWORD for both sections!  For help on passwords click here.

I am a TUG Member and have registered as a user of the BBS. Why does the BBS show me as a guest?
You must enter the current BBS VERIFICATION CODE into your bbs profile to be recognized as a TUG Member on the bbs. Note that you will need to update this any time the TUG Member password is changed. Please see this thread on the bbs for further information.

Where can I find more information about the BBS?
For more information about the bbs, please consult the various information sources on the board itself. Two areas of interest are:

  1. The TUG BBS forum within the board is the place to discuss the bbs itself. In particular, a series of 'sticky' threads at the top of this forum deal with the most common problems people have with the board.
  2. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section

Review Questions

How do I get into the Reviews  Database?
There are a number of places on the website which link to the review database. On the homepage under Hot Links find the link Tug Reviews which will take you to the Review and Ratings entry point. Once here click on Tug Reviews Database. We suggest you bookmark your favorite pages for easy future access. If you are having trouble with the required username and password, please review the Password Help Page.

How do I submit Resort Reviews?
The preferred method is to use the TUG Review Input Form. You may also send in your review as a direct email message to the appropriate resort Review Manager at his/her personal email address as shown on the resort listing pages. Each resort listing page in the review database has the associated review manager listed there. This information may also be found in the Volunteers List page.

How do I submit personal resort pictures I have?
Resort photos are now uploaded directly on the resort review pages themselves, simply go here TUG Resort Reviews and select the resort you wish to upload an image for, browse to the RESORT IMAGES tab, and click "upload new image".  this will submit the photo directly to TUG for inclusion on the resort review page!  This page provides more detailed info on TUG Resort Photos.

How often are the reviews updated?
It varies depending upon the review area manager. As volunteers, each person has their own availability to process the reviews submitted. If you have not seen your review posted within a week, it is fair to write to the appropriate review area  manager and ask why. Reviews occasionally get lost. We want to know about it. Reviews are what TUG is all about and we highly value them.  You will receive an instant email "thank you" upon the successfully submission of a Resort Review to TUG.

Does TUG have reviews on international resorts?
TUG has separate sections for Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and "International". The international area covers most countries around the world with thousands of resorts reviewed.

Rating Questions 

How do I submit my resort ratings?
Resort Ratings are submitted with every Resort Review.  At the beginning of the TUG Resort Review submission page, it asks you a number of details about the Resort you are Reviewing, including the Resort Rating.  These ratings combine as an average for the Overall TUG Resort Rating for each Timeshare Resort.  To submit a Review with a Rating, you can use this page:
Review Input Form
If you are having trouble with the required username and password, please review the Password Help Page.

What are the ranking guidelines?
There is a detailed list of rating guidelines on the review page itself prior to you submitting the review. Resorts are rated on a scale from 1 to 10 with 1 being awful, and 10 being the best resort you have ever stayed in.

How do you select the Top Resorts?
The Top Rated TUG Resorts are based entirely on the average of the ratings received from Timeshare members. They are NOT based on the opinions of TUG or its coordinators. In order to have some statistical validity, a minimum of twelve ratings for a resort must be received for it to qualify for the Top Ten.  You can also view a variety of different lists for free on the TUG Timeshare Resort Review Page:

How often are the ratings updated?
Ratings are updated as new reviews are submitted and approved!

Classified Ad Questions 

How do I submit my classified ads?
All classified ads must be submitted using the Place New Ad link located in the Classified Ads. With the new automated ad system you will be able to edit your ad prior to submitting it. You will also receive an automatic response email for each ad you place. It will contain the ad id number and add password which will allow you to edit your own ads.  This page details the process of posting a new ad on TUG: How to Place a Timeshare Classified ad.

What is the cost of the ads?
All ads in the new Timeshare Marketplace are completely free for TUG members, you receive your ad credits each year you are a member!

How long are ads posted?
Your ad is good for 3 months from its post date. You may renew the ad when it expires for no additional charge if it has not yet rented or sold.

How big can ads be?
There is no realistic limit to what you can type in the ad description.  (note that adding non-standard html or other code in your ad may cause errors)

How do I change or remove my ads?
Once your ad is posted, please double check it and try out your email link to make certain it works correctly. If you need to edit or change your ad, use the Ads You Placed link on the Classified Ads page. This will give you a list of you current ads. If you still are having trouble editing your ad, please send an email to tug@tug2.net

How do I pay for my ads?
Ads are now free, no payment is required unless you have run out of Ad Credits, more can be purchased through the marketplace.

When are the new ads posted?
With our new ad system, ads are being updated all day every day, ads will always be published within 24 hours.

How do I determine what price to ask for my resort?
TUG has become one of the most effective (and by far the best priced ) places to advertise your timeshares ... we sell and rent many. However, with the current glut of timeshare offers available, your success will depend mostly on your pricing... with so many choices most people are only interested in bargains! We recommend reading the "how to sell your timeshare" article here:  How to Sell your Timeshare

What do I do when I get a buyer?
Contact a 3rd party timeshare escrow and closing agent. Many licensed timeshare brokers do this for a fee. See our TUG Business Ads for a list of resale brokers and transfer agents.

Direct Exchange Questions

How do I submit a Direct Exchange ad?
Use the Timeshare Marketplace to submit an Exchange ad

What is the cost?
There is no cost for a Direct Exchange ad, it does not even require an Ad Credit.

How long will the ad be posted?
All ads will expire in 3 months, but you may wish to extend them at no charge for as long as you wish.

How do I update or remove my listing?
Once your ad is posted, please double check it and try out your email link to make certain it works correctly. If you need to edit or change your ad, use the Ads You Placed link on the Classified Ads page. This will give you a list of you current ads and all the options for editing, or removing the ad.

What do I do when I get someone who wants to exchange?
A direct exchange is the use of your timeshare week by a guest. There is no cost involved. Each Owner is responsible for making all arrangements such as  notifying your resort of the guest use. You also warrant that the time has not been deposited with an exchange company and is available for exchange and that applicable maintenance fees have been paid. TUG does not get involved in any way with these trades, we are only providing this space as a public service to help our members and other timeshare owners.

Promo Question

What are Referral Promos?
New resorts often have special vacation promos that they offer thought their current owners. The owners are encouraged to submit referrals and will receive various incentives from the resort for their leads. Resort promos are now listed on their own TAB directly on the resort review pages.

How do I submit my resorts owners referral promos?
If you have an owners referral promo special you would like to have posted, just send all the details by email to: tug@tug2.net Please include what must be done to qualify (also list restrictions and time frame) for the special and any incentives received by taking advantage of the offers.

How does my resort advertise on TUG?
Detailed information is available in the TUG Resort Ads section of our website. This would be an excellent place for resorts to advertise their promos, resales or rentals programs. Our Banner Ad program has proved to be one of the best advertising sources for timeshare resorts.  We also provide an advertising exchange system if a Resort wishes to trade advertising on TUG for a mention in your Membership Newsletter or similar periodical.  Resorts are also welcome to advertise resale and rentals at no charge in the marketplace provided they mention TUG to their members in any newsletter publication they may have!

How can I advertise my timeshare company on TUG?
Detailed information is available in the TUG Business Ads section of our website. This would be an excellent place for any timeshare or travel related business to advertise their promos, resales or rentals programs, etc. Our Banner Ad program has proved to be one of the best advertising sources on the Internet with hundreds of thousands of daily visitors.

Advice Section Questions

What kind of information will I find in the Advice Section?
The TUG advice section contains information on  FAQ about Timeshare, tips on buying/selling or renting your timeshare, how different clubs work, exchanging tips, glossary of timeshare terms, and general advice from the collective wisdom of past and current TUG members.

How do I submit an article for the Advice Section?
Advice section submittals can be emailed as a plain text email message to tug@tug2.net

What articles are needed?
If you are in the timeshare business or can provide timeshare information articles,  please submit them for our advice section. Just email your plain text email message to tug@tug2.net.   We have a long list of articles we would love to have any other topic you feel would be worth sharing with fellow timeshare owners.

Member Services

What do I do if my name shows up in the Bad Email list?
Bad email addresses and undeliverable email is one of our biggest headaches. If your name is on the Bad Email List, please send us your real name and your correct email address in the body of the message. Please note many of those bad addresses listed have had incomplete (not listing the @domainname.com) or invalid email addresses. The only way our group communicates with its members is though this website and by email.  You must also have your correct email address on file to receive the new TUG password when it changes.

How do I change my email address?
Please use the Email Address Change Form linked on our home page to submit your new email addresses. This notifies each rep, so if you have ads or are listed as a resort contact, the reps will also get your change.


Who are the TUG Volunteers and what do they do?
TUG survives because of a dedicated group of people who volunteer their time to perform the tasks that keep TUG alive. 

For a list of current TUG Volunteers and the functions they serve, see the TUG Volunteer List page.

Why become a TUG member?

There is an extended TUG resort reviews database here on this web site available only to TUG members. There are over 4000 resorts covered by this database now and growing weekly. The reviews also include pictures of the resorts, general resort information and a list of owners' email addresses who are willing to answer additional questions regarding the resorts not covered by the detailed reviews.   This is a quick way to see how our members rate the resorts which they have actually stayed at. It has become a valuable source of information to use when planning for exchanges.


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