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Introduction to Wyndham Points!
This article is the first in a 10 part series put together by a handful of TUG volunteers to educate all current and potential Wyndham points owners.  Everything you ever wanted to know abuot Wyndham Timeshare Points and more!

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Wyndham Points Introduction
by: TUGGER GoofyHobbie

What is provided in this series of articles is the result of research and personal experience sprinkled with insight from peers at TUG and the Wyndham Resort Forums. I would like to personally thank the following TUGGERS, identified here by their Usernames: DeniseM, Jennie,  Jya-Ning, and Vacationhopeful. Avery special thanks goes out to Susan2, who provided detailed critical advice, editing, and questions which helped me improve the content. Without the input of each of the TUGGERS mentioned above, I probably would have abandoned this effort long ago.

If you are new to timeshare or are just now considering Wyndham Points, you may benefit by first reading an article that was written several years ago entitled A Primer for Timesharing in Wyndham Resorts (Fairfield). It provides the basics that all who consider Wyndham should know. Although it is dated, the information provided should bring you up to speed and help you better grasp the information provided in this series of articles.

A link to the Wyndham Resort Forums where the above mentioned article resides is provided so that you can have direct access to Version 2 and any later versions that may be published. The Wyndham Resort Forums is run by Glenn Benscoter who is also a Lifetime Member of TUG.


as well as the Wyndham forum on the TUGBBS here:

Wyndham Online Forum - TUGBBS

As you read the Primer and the information in these articles, keep in mind that you are probably reading the information well after it was originally published. The goal is to provide you a reference resource; but any reference will need updating.

If you see something here that is of concern because it may be dated, get into the detail that you personally deem necessary by contacting Wyndham and/or present your question(s) in the TUG or Wyndham Resort Forums.

The effort to create the “Primer” and the effort to create this series of articles was voluntarily undertaken to help you; but, in time the content will age and the volunteers associated with updates may change.

For those of you who already own Wyndham Points or are considering the purchase of Wyndham Points the information presented in these articles is provided to give you content that you may not easily find elsewhere, so that you can use your points more effectively. Take your time as you familiarize yourself with the content and TIPS provided.  If, as time progresses you need more input, you are again invited to the Forums where you can get answers to your specific questions.

The series “Wyndham Points” is provided in the ten articles below. 

All of the articles were written from the point of view of someone who first considered a purchase from the developer and then decided to purchase re-sale. It is recommended that you start with the first article; but feel free to jump around to any subsequent article as needed.

Article I -  Club Wyndham Plus

Introduces you to what purchasing Wyndham Points means. You will get an idea of what the average original purchaser buys when they sign a contract to purchase. Wyndham re-branded the points-based internal exchange program in 2009.  What was once referred to as The FairShare Plus® Program is now the Club WyndhamSM Plus Program.

Article II - Buying From the Developer 

Provides information that may be of interest to those who want VIP status; but are looking for ways to acquire that status from the developer without giving up “an arm and a leg.” If you have no interest in VIP status or in how to acquire such status from the developer you may choose to skip Article II, III and IV and go straight to V.

Article III - Personal Interval Choice (PIC) Plus Program 

Explains how PIC, a developer promoted program, works and how you can use it to reach VIP if you decide to purchase from the developer and you own one or more non-point fixed weeks that are affiliated with RCI.

Article IV - Conversion of Fairfield Week(s) to Wyndham Points 

Is a narrow article that focuses on how you can reach VIP level without a large additional expenditure. If you currently own one or more former Fairfield fixed weeks that were not acquired through re-sale read this.

Article V – The Decision, Buy Points Re-sale or From The Developer? 

Provides you with insight on the thinking of someone who made the decision to buy re-sale after seriously considering several direct from the developer purchases. In this article, you will gain insight into how my strategy developed and how it was executed to get the desired result - a reasonable amount of points given my life style. Your needs, life style, and results will no doubt vary significantly from mine; but, by sharing the detail, it is my hope that you can make a great purchase and do it effectively.  If you are already an owner of Wyndham points and are looking for TIPS about how to better use your points, I recommend that you skip Article V and go to Article VIII which gets into the Nuts & Bolts of how to use your points more effectively. 

Article VI – Buying Wyndham Points on Ebay 

Suggests questions that you should ask yourself prior to making a timeshare purchase using eBay®.  You will find some TIPS and get some insight from someone who knew nothing about eBay®; but successfully got through the process unscathed.

Article VII – Wyndham Maintenance Fees 

is a must read if you get serious about buying a significant amount of Wyndham points or you decide to buy different contracts re-sale or from the developer.  In Article VII potential pit-falls are brought up and excellent maintenance fee spreadsheets and calculators are referenced.

Article VIII - How to Maximize Your Points (“The Nuts and Bolts”)

Goes into detail about how the Club WyndhamSM Plus program options provide you with flexibility. For those of you who have not received the benefit that points should have provided, the TIPS and detailed examples in this article may improve your satisfaction with the program. The focus is on the Nuts & Bolts that make the program flexible.

Article IX - The Points Credit Pool 

explains the unique ability to conserve your points when you know you will not be able to use them in an upcoming Use Year or you proactively desire to   plan way ahead for a big vacation that will require significantly more points than you own.

Article X – How I Managed My 469,000 Points Purchased in 2009 

is the last of the ten part series on Wyndham Points.  In this last article, I share my experiences following the acquisition in early June, 2009 of 469,000 Wyndham points. Those points were considered transferred to me by Wyndham during the first week of August 2009 leaving little time to make desired vacations for 2010 much less 2009. The overall series of articles will be of little service to you if you cannot see yourself successfully getting the internal reservations and the external exchanges that provide value to your ownership. It is my hope that this last article helps you resolve that issue.

Your needs will vary; but reading about my experiences may prove worthwhile if, in the process, you gain some insight that will provide more value as you use try to use your points more effectively. There are far too many original purchasers of Wyndham Points who regret their purchase simply because they did not successfully use the benefits available. You do not have to join them.


Closing Notes:  This series was written for purely altruistic reasons and the articles are for your personal use. The information herein was provided freely in the hopes that it will be helpful to you.  My only request is that if you decide to publish or use any of the articles on your website or distribute any part or all of the series to others that you first ask for permission. I can be reached through the TUG Forums by Personal Message

Acknowledgement: In doing research for the ten articles in this series, it would not be a stretch to say that all the information was gleaned from RCI® and Wyndham Employees as well as the posts of strangers and friends on the TUG Forums and the Wyndham Resort Forums.  If wording describing how the Wyndham point system or the RCI® system works seems familiar it is in part the result of the copious notes and/or the recall of detailed questions and answers obtained from Vacation Counselors and other employees of RCI® and/or Wyndham.  Much effort was put into trying my best to get the information right and to verify that information.

Footnote: If you have any inquiries regarding how to use Wyndham's product features or benefits, please consult Wyndham's written documents and materials including the resort directly for additional information about how to use the product.

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