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Westgate Resorts hides cancellation instructions
This has been a regularly reported practice for many years, but finally we have photo proof of the "hidden pocket" containing Westgate cancellation/rescission instructions to serve as a guide for unsuspecting owners!

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Westgate Hides Timeshare Cancellation Instructions!

top secret timeshare cancellation documents!

In all 50 states, Timeshares are required to include detailed and specific instructions that define both the rescission (cancellation) period and the process an owner must go through to legally cancel their purchase.  In most situations this information is located within the sales contract itself and while not painfully obvious within the many pages of 'legalese' most contracts consist of, it is least available to all owners who take the time to read the sales contract in its entirety.

Rescission is a perfectly valid and legal option for all Timeshare owners who have doubts or concerns about their purchase to cancel their new purchase and be refunded all monies paid and terminate the sales contract provide the instructions are followed!

Note for more detailed information about canceling your newly purchased timeshare, see this article:

How do I cancel my new Timeshare purchase

Given that the average Timeshare retail sales price at the time of this article is somewhere north of $18,000, one can see why resorts do not put forth much effort in explaining the right of rescission, but in the case of Westgate, it is taken many many levels further and these instructions are actually hidden in a secret compartment within the sales binder given to the new owner!

Surely you must be joking, how could a large multi-million dollar corporation do something like this?

and dont call me shirley

No Joke here folks, this has been reported on TUG for many many years, but only recently did we have a new owner provide some detailed photographs of the hidden folder in their sales binder which we will show you below!  Remember, there is only a very short time to legally cancel your Timeshare purchase and in some states its as little as 3 calendar days!  Who knows how many countless owners have made a purchase and had no knowledge whatsoever about this secret pocket containing the information they needed to legally rescind their Timeshare purchase!

OK we get it, where is the proof?

Waiting for the westgate hidden pocket pictures!

And now for your viewing pleasure and to serve as a reference for all future Westgate buyers to be able to easily locate the top secret hidden cancellation documents within a sales binder, are the photos we have all been waiting for that we shall now name "Pocket-Gate".  

Photo 1: What appears to all as a perfectly normal (and quite nice I might ad) sales binder given to a new buyer of a Westgate Timeshare!

Westgate Resorts hidden cancellation documents

Photo 2: The secret hidden compartment held closed by Velcro that contains the otherwise innocent looking manila envelope that contains the instructions for canceling your Westgate Timeshare purchase!
westgate resorts hidden cancellation documents!

Owners can decide for themselves what reasons a major resort developer would put so much effort into hiding the information needed by owners to legally rescind their new timeshare purchase so many levels deep in secrecy (both the hidden velcroed pocket, and the plain manila envelope inside it), but we imagine you will come to the same conclusions most other owners do!

We truly thank those owners who found TUG in time to rescind their new Westgate purchase and shared this helpful information with us in hopes that it will find more owners in time so they are not stuck wondering how to cancel their new purchase because they cannot locate the information required to be included with the sales contract!

Here is the original thread where you can comment on and discuss this topic on the TUGBBS online forums:

Successful Cancellation of Westgate Timeshare Purchase!

Editors note:  We personally find this practice utterly deplorable, and call for it to be discontinued immediately.  Not that we expect this particular developer to listen, or even care...but if we can get this article in front of more and more Westgate owners, we hope they will use this knowledge to find these documents and be able to make an educated and informed decision to rescind their new Timeshare purchase, rather than having that option taken away from them because the information they needed was hidden in a secret compartment very few ever find!


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