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Vacation Internationale VTS Timeshare Program Information

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Vacation Internationale Timeshare Program

Vacation Internationale’s timeshare program is actually called Vacation Time Share (VTS), but is most often referred to as either Vacation Internationale or VI Resorts.

The VTS program is one of the oldest timeshare programs in the United States. Opening in 1974 as a floating week timeshare in Hawaii, they soon added additional resorts. By 1976, there were a total of four resorts. Bob Ringenburg with partner Bob Burns decided there had to be an easier and more flexible way for the members to use their week. Thus, the ex-Boeing engineer went to work on developing the very first timeshare point system. Today, there are 34 resorts in the VTS program and the original point system is still in effect. The point system allows members to stay as little as one day (in most cases) or up to several weeks at any one resort OR island hop in Hawaii, by staying a few days at several different resorts (this however will result in the reservation fee).

Point System & Usage
Each year your allocation of points is deposited into your account. You have 24 months in which to use your points , longer if you choose to deposit weeks with an exchange company.

Reservations may be made from 2 days to 365 days months in advance. There are always at least 3 seasons used at each of the 34 resorts, Prime, Choice and Quiet. Most VI resorts have studio,1 bedroom and 2 bedroom units. The amount of points one could use at the different resorts is almost as varied as the number of resorts in the VTS system, but typically, the studios average 59-77 points per week, the 1 bedrooms 77-105 points per week and the 2 bedrooms 94-133 points per week.

Membership Costs
Operating Fund: More commonly referred to as a maintenance fee, it includes on site management and check in; maid and linen service; interior maintenance and repairs; HOA fees; utilities; property taxes, insurance; land leases; reservation services; off site resort administration management fee; and refurbishment reserves to refurbish and upgrade every unit every five years. The 2021-2022 operating fund is $7.98 per point.

Reservation Fee: A $20 fee is paid anytime a reservation is made

Time Bank: Was also replaced, it still works the same way, but is no longer the Time bank.

Bonus Time: Within 15 days of check in, rentals of excess units are available on a 1st come 1st served basis at very affordable rates.

Direct Owner Exchanges ( DOE program)

VI accepts any red or white week in the US, Canada, Mexico, or Europe for deposit. You will receive:

In order to make a deposit you will need to use the on line form, pay the $145 fee and agree to add any exchanger as your guest and furnish updated check in confirmations. These deposits are available to VI owners as exchanges for the same point values, plus $125 per week exchange fee. There have been some daily exchanges available from some of the WorldMark resorts. The costs vary.

Resorts in the VTS System

Ownership Types

There are several types of ownerships in the resale market. The originals were sold as a right touse, many of them were for 30 years. In recent years they have been selling perpetual RTUs. Be aware when purchasing, of the time left to use. VRI (Vacation Resorts International) was hired as the management company in 2004 and They have done a great job of upgrading the units/resorts. There is talk that somehow the VI resorts and the VRI (alsoORE/MROP) may be combines in an internal exchange company. This has yet to materialize. At the present time RCI, II or any of the independent trade companies are how you can make external trades.

In mid 2009 they introduced a new Premier Ownership program, As Vacation Internationale Prestige Member, you have unparalleled access to VI resort locations and exchange destinations. With flexibility, special assistance and savings, you’ll enjoy the BEST of VI!

Vacation Internationale Benefits Chart

Benefits Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Based on participating permanent VI points (annualized) 45.5 to 105 106 to 210 211 to 315 316+
Additional Annual Points (no maint fee) 0 10 points 20 points 10% annual
permanent points
Advanced Reservation Window:
Instant Exchange
Exclusive Nightly Exchange
Bonus Time
Instant Exchange Hotweeks




Reduced Fee:
Advanced Reservation Waitlist
366 to 390 days in advance




Reduced Fees:
Instant Exchange
Exclusive Nightly Exchange
DEO Deposit
VI Cruise Exchange




Reduced Rental Rates:
Up to 10 months in advance
Bonus Time
Instant Exchange Hot Weeks




Point discount on VI reservations made within 60 days



Greater saving window—2 years* no no yes yes
Prestige check-in at VI managed resorts yes yes yes yes
Early check-in/late check-out at VI managed resorts no yes if avail yes if avail yes if
Unit size upgrade at check-in (quiet and value) no no yes yes
24 hour hold on reservations* yes yes yes yes
Exclusive toll free number yes yes yes yes
Advanced E-mail notices yes yes yes yes

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