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Timeshare Glossary and Forum Acronym Definitions!
This page provides you with a detailed list of all common timesharing terms and acronyms with their explanation and definitions!  If you see something missing from this page please send us an email and we will add it!

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Timeshare Glossary & Forum Acronyms

  Please send any corrections or new terms you would like added via e-mail to tug@tug2.net

Last Update: 2014  originally created by Mark Perry - TUG Lifetime Member

The following is a list of the more common terms and acronyms used in BBS postings and descriptions found here on TUG.

AC Accommodation Certificate - An extra week offered by II as an incentive for depositing a high-demand week
BR Bedroom
DAE Dial an Exchange - Independent Exchange company
DBW Developer Bonus Week
DH Dear/Darling/Dumb/Darn Husband
DVC Disney Vacation Club
DS Dear/Darling/Dumb/Darn Spouse
DW Dear/Darling/Dumb/Darn Wife
EOY "Every Other Year" - a timeshare you get to use every other year
EY "Every Year"  - a timeshare you get to use every year.
FIL Father in Law
Floating Week  Owner requests a desired date from the timeshare resort every year subject to availability at the time of request. 
FF Fairfield Resorts
FK "Full Kitchen"
FROR "First Right of Refusal". Used by some resorts to control resale values.
FWIW For What its Worth
GBR Guest Bedroom
GC "Gold Crown". An RCI designation of their highest quality resort.  or Gift/Guest Certificate
GMTA Great Minds Think Alike
GV Garden View or Mountain View (or occasionally, a parking lot view)
HGVC Hilton Grand Vacation Club
HHI Hilton Head Island
HTD Have to Disagree
HTH Hope this Helps
HOAHomeowners Association - Advice Article
II "Interval International", an exchange company.
IMHO In my Honest/Humble Opinion
IMO In my Opinion
Interval One timeshare week.
IOW In Other Words
IVIsland View
JK or J/K Just Kidding
JMHO Just my Humble/Honest Opinion
KISS Keep it Simple Stupid
LH "Lease hold". Timeshare is deeded property on leased land. 
LMK Let me Know
LTNS Long Time No See
Lockout/LO If allowed, a timeshare unit can be subdivided and used as two smaller units for the purposes of use or exchange. e.g.: a three bedroom unit might be split and deposited as one 2Br unit and one 1Br unit giving the owner two weeks for use or exchange.
Lurker Non participating visitor to BBS sites. 
MFMaintenance Fee
MIL Mother in Law
MIR Mail in Rebate
MROP Multi Resort Ownership Plan
MVCI Marriott Vacation Club International
NB Nearby
NP No Problem
OBO "Or Best Offer".
OBX Outer Banks of North Carolina
OF Ocean Front
OMOwners Manual
OMG Oh My God/Gosh
OP Original Poster (who started the thread)
OT Off Topic
OTOH On The Other Hand
OV Ocean View
PM Private Message
PCC Post Card Company - company who sends postcards to unsuspecting buyers recommending they pay thousands of dollars to give their timeshare away.
POV Point of View
Profeco "Procuraduria Federal De Consumido" or Federal Bureau of Consumer interests in mexico - an organization known to assist timeshare owners who have been scammed or ripped off by mexican timeshares.
Rack rate Non discounted hotel room rate.
RCI "Resorts Condominium International", an exchange company.
RHC Royal Holiday Club
ROFR Right of First Refusal  - Advice Article 
Right of Recision Time period after sale in which the buyer can cancel the sale.
RTU "Right To Use". Timeshare ownership has an expiration date.
SA Special Assessment
SA Week South African Timeshare
SFX "San Francisco Exchange" , an exchange company.
SIL Sister in Law
SO Signifcant Other or StarOptions (starwood points)
SPStarPoints (for starwood hotels)
SVO Starwood Vacation Owner(ship) - Someone who knows a Starwood Timeshare
SVN Starwood Vacation Network - the exchange system for Starwood owners
SPGStarwood Preferred Guest
TPI Trading Places International - an independent exchange company
TPUTrading Power Unit - an arbitrary value assigned to Exchange Weeks within RCI
Trade Power A measure of desirability of a timeshare week for use in exchanging. Based on location, time of year and resort quality.
TTYL Talk to You Later
TUG "Timeshare Users Group"
T/S Timeshare or ownership interval.
UDIUndivided Interest - type of timeshare interval
VC Vacation Counselor - a phone rep at one of the exchange companies
VEP score:  "Vacation Exchange Profile". An RCI resort rating score (company confidential).
VOIVacation Ownership Interval (ie your timeshare week)
WB Welcome Back
WK Week
WTG Way to Go
WKORV Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas
WM Worldmark
YMMV Your Mileage May Vary
YW Your Welcome

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