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What is an Estoppel Letter?
An Estoppel letter is a very commonly requested item when dealing with buying a timeshare on the resale market, thus its a frequently asked question on the TUGBBS forums!

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What is an Estoppel Letter?

An estoppel letter in its simplest form, is a verification of the actual ownership of a Timeshare Interval according to the Timeshare Resort's records.  These are commonly used by potential buyers to verify that the person selling the timeshare is indeed, actually the owner of said Timeshare, and to identify if the interval has any outstanding unpaid maintenance fees or taxes, as well as to determine if there are any outstanding loans against the Timeshare.

How do you get an Estoppel Letter?

Estoppel letters can only be requested by the owner of the Timeshare (or by a Legitimate Licensed Timeshare Closing service if you are using one), and generally only take a phone call from the owner to the Timeshare Resort requesting the Estoppel Letter be sent directly to the Buyer for confirmation.  In some cases both the buyer and seller can be on the phone with the resort and confirmation can be done verbally, and in other cases many large resorts have ways to request the Estoppel letter be generated and sent via email for convenience!

In any example, this is a simple and cheap way to obtain a bit of added confidence in a seller when researching a timeshare to purchase in the resale market, and is highly suggested for any resale transaction!   You can also view a large and detailed checklist of other items to ask the resort and the seller when looking to purchase a Resale Timeshare here:  Timeshare Purchaser Checklist!

What does an Estoppel Letter look like, do you have an example?

Estoppel letters can vary from resort to resort, but all of them should obtain the same basic information.  This example was pulled from the following TUGBBS forum post and is an example of a Wyndham Timeshare Estoppel letter:

- Current Date Listed Here -
Name of Company making the Request: (Example: Timeshare Closing Services)

Name of Owner(s) ______________________________
Contract Number**** ________________
Member Number ________________
Statement Type (M/A) ______
PAC (Yes/No) _____
Monthly/Annual maintenance Fee Amount * (Example 50.55 monthly)
Current Due on Account: (Example -0-)
Next Due Date: (Example: April 1, 2010)
Points of Contract (Example 154,000 Every Year)
Points Available: (Example: 0 for 2010/154,000 for 2011)
Use Year of Contract (Expiration Date) (Example: 4/1 thru 3/31)
Is Property Deeded Y/N ____
Is Account in Collections Y/N ____
Previous Year's Property Tax 2009**________
Active Loan Y/N***______

Maintenance Fees apply to current year's points on UDI contracts and to
next years points on all Fixed Weeks contracts converted to points.

*Information provided is good thru above date and is subject to change. If Buyer is a current FSP owner maintenance fees may differ from the above amount.

**Only applicable to Florida Properties. Property taxes are included in maintenance fees on all other properties.

***Payoff quotes please call loan services @ 1-888-739-4016

****Contract numbers are required to obtain the information from the correct account. * Please allow seven days for the completion of all requests***

All transfer of ownership requires a $100 processing fee. Please forward documentation to:

Wyndham Vacation Ownership
Title Services
8427 So Park Circle Suite 500
Orlando FL 32819
FAX: 407-370-5222

The Final Word!

Estoppel letters should be requested by buyers of any Timeshare on the Resale market, it protects you and allows you to verify that you are purchasing exactly what you think you are purchasing.  While there may be some folks who are deliberately listing Timeshare intervals with inaccurate information, the majority of the time the mistakes in advertisements are accidental or in some cases the owner simply "thought" thats exactly what he or she owned!

The Estoppel letter may indeed open eyes on both sides, but it is most definitely worth the small price to pay (if any at all) to have that peace of mind as a Timeshare Resale Buyer!

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