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FAQ for Diamond Resort International Timeshares
This is a quick FAQ and information guide for the Diamond Resort International (DRI) Timeshare System!!

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Diamond Resorts Frequently asked Questions

This was originally authored by Bill Bunker as a post on the TUGBBS online forums to serve as a great informational overview of the DRI system and a list of Frequently asked questions about Diamond Resorts ownership.

What Resorts are in the DRI collection?!

While there are more than 300 resorts listed in Diamonds collection here:

They are split up into Diamond "owned/managed" resorts, and resorts that are just affiliated with the Diamond system (for example you can reserve them with your DRI ownership).  We believe there are roughly 70ish DRI managed resorts that you can view here:

DRI Ownership differences!

There are three kinds of ownerships at resorts managed by Diamond Resorts International (DRI)
(formerly Sunterra).

-Be a “CLUB” member and use your points to reserve at any of the Diamond owned resorts and also the many Diamond affiliated resorts managed by Raintree and Vacation Internationale ( subject to significantly limited availability) . To be a club member, you must have purchased your ownership directly from the developer ( or obtained in a family transfer). Although it is possible to buy resale then "convert" the resale purchase by buying more points/ weeks direct from Diamond and have all your resorts/points brought into the club.
THE Club is just a membership to DRI own personal internal exchange program.

-Own “Trust” Points in a DRI collection of resorts. Resale owners of the “trust” are allowed to use their trust points to reserve time at any of the resorts in the resort collection of the trust which they own. But not at any other Diamond resorts. ( to use the trust points at other diamond resorts, you must have purchased the trust points directly from Diamond-Sunterra)
There are three Six or Seven different resort collections which have a "trust"
- DRI U.S. Collection
- DRI Hawaii Collection
- DRI California Collection
- Monarch Grand Vacations
- Premiere Vacations
- Florida Club Connection

-Own a deeded week at a resort managed by Diamond. Resale owners at any of the Diamond resorts own only at that single resort and can’t use points to go to other Diamond resorts.

Common Questions folks have about Diamond Resorts

Is every Owner a THE ClubSM Member?

Membership in THE ClubSM is voluntary; therefore, all Owners are not THE ClubSM Members.

What are the benefits of THE ClubSM membership?
Membership will increase vacation flexibility and remove standard limits applied by typical vacation ownership rules. THE ClubSM Members decide when and where they want to vacation, what experiences they are looking for, what size accommodations they’ll need and what length of stay they desire.

When do I renew THE ClubSM membership?
Your membership is renewed automatically every year once your Club fees are paid. A Member must notify THE ClubSM in writing to discontinue their membership.

Is my membership transferable?
THE ClubSM membership may be transferred by will, but may not be sold.

What is a Point?
Points are the “currency” or “points” you use to reserve your vacations in the THE ClubSM system. Every vacation is valued in Points, which is based upon the time of year, accommodation size, resort location and length of stay.
When you join THE ClubSM, you will receive an allocation of Points or “points” valued on the resort, unit size and the time of year that you own.

When must Points be used?
Points must be used before December 31 of each year. Otherwise, all unused Points will expire at the end of the Use Year. However, you may also save Points.

Are Points automatically saved?
No. It is THE ClubSM Member’s responsibility to contact THE ClubSM to save Points.

How many Points can I save each year?
Members may save up to the current year’s allocation of Points to the next year.

How do I save Points?
Points may be saved online at www.DiamondResorts.com in the My Account section. Also, members may contact THE ClubSM to save Points to the following year.

When must I notify THE ClubSM to save Points to the following year?
To save Points to the following year you must notify THE ClubSM Reservations by the following dates: June 30 if you would like to save up to 100% of your annual Points allocation. August 31 if you would like to save up to 50% of your annual Points allocation. October 31 if you would like to save up to 25% of your annual Points allocation. Note: Your saved Points must be used by the end of the following year.

Can Points be borrowed?
Yes. Members may borrow up to one year’s allotment of Points for use in the current year. (HOA fees and Club dues must be paid in order for Points to be borrowed.) Borrowed Points may only be used for reservation requests.

What will I need to do to borrow Points?
As part of requesting a reservation via www.DiamondResorts.com you will be prompted, if necessary, or you can contact THE ClubSM via phone, fax or e-mail.

What if I don’t want to borrow Points?
You may buy more Points or use our rental services.
How will I know where I can go and how many Points my vacation will cost?
A Points Directory and Global Vacations Guide, which contains a list of resorts and the value of each vacation stay in Points, will be issued a minimum of once per year.

How does a Member request a vacation?
Requests may be made online, by phone, fax or in writing. All requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Remember to make your request early.

What is THE ClubSM Bonus Time?
THE ClubSM Bonus Time allows you to book a stay of 21 days or less in advance with rates starting at $50 per night, at selected THE ClubSM resorts. The minimum number of nights is two.

What is a Quick Getaway?
If you can be flexible in your vacation planning, THE ClubSM offers the opportunity to make weekly reservations at participating THE ClubSM resorts when you book 59 days to 31 days prior to arrival at 50% off the current Points value. Save 50% off the regular Points price when you make your reservations from 30 days to 48 hours prior to arrival and plan to stay the minimum number of nights. Generally, the minimum number of nights is two (2) nights for resorts throughout the US and Caribbean. Check each resort for policies on minimum number of nights and check-in days.

What is THE ClubSM Home Advantage?
If you are a member of THE ClubSM Vacations (a trust based club consisting of multiple sites), your THE ClubSM Home Advantage enables you to make reservations 13 months prior to your check-out date at any of the resorts within your Home Club, (annual allotment only). THE ClubSM Members may begin requesting reservations at a resort at which they do not have a Home Resort or THE ClubSM Home Advantage, 10 months prior to the check-out date.

What is Home Resort Advantage?
If you are a deeded owner, Home Resort Advantage enables you to make reservations at your Home Resort 12 months prior to your check-out date. Please note: Reservations made during this time (10–12 month window) may not exceed, in total, the number of Points allocated annually in respect to the inventory assigned to Club. THE ClubSM Members may begin requesting reservations at a resort at which they do not have a Home Resort or THE ClubSM Home Advantage, 10 months prior to the check-out date.

Can I request multiple vacations in the same year?
Yes. As long as you have the required number of Points, space is available and all fees are current.

Can I request multiple units at the same time?
Yes. As long as you have the required number of Points, space is available and all fees are current.

Can I reserve consecutive weeks at the same or a different resort?
Yes. As long as you have the required number of Points, space is available and all fees are current.

Can I rent additional nights?
Yes. Additional nights can be rented at most resorts by simply calling THE ClubSM Reservations at 1 877.DRI.CLUB.

What if I need to cancel a reservation?
First and foremost, call 1 877.DRI.CLUB to contact THE ClubSM Reservations. Cancellation rules are: 0% loss of Points if canceled 365 – 60 days prior to arrival date 25% loss of Points if canceled 59 – 30 days prior to arrival date 50% loss of Points if canceled 29 – 14 days prior to arrival date 100% loss of Points if canceled 13 – 0 days prior to arrival date

When should I call to cancel?
To avoid cancellation penalties, cancel your reservation as soon as possible. RPP - Reservation Protective Plan Members are encouraged to purchase reservation protection at the time of booking. Purchasing the Reservation Protection Plan will ensure 100% reimbursement of the Points charged for the reservation should you need to cancel up to 24 hours prior to arrival date. Members may purchase the Reservation Protection Plan for $105 at the time of booking only. (Elite Members receive a discount.)

What if I am delayed in getting to the resort?
Call the resort directly to advise them of your arrival delay.

Can I still rent or give my use period away?
Once your reservation is confirmed, you may either rent the use period privately or give it away. In either case, you must notify THE ClubSM Reservations of the guest’s name prior to their check-in.

Does joining THE ClubSM change my legal ownership status?
No. Your legal ownership does not change.

How do I request an Interval International exchange?
Call THE ClubSM Reservations and advise them of your desired exchange location, travel date and unit size. THE ClubSM Counselor will advise you of the number of Points required for the exchange. THE ClubSM Reservations has full access to the Interval International (II) reservations computer system allowing THE ClubSM Counselor to check availability for your request. If there is available space, THE ClubSM Counselor will provide you with an instant confirmation. If the destination is not available, you may submit an ongoing search request. You may also search and confirm exchanges online at www.intervalworld.com. THE ClubSM Members may also book discounted rental travel at II resorts by calling 1 877.DRI.CLUB or by visiting the Getaways section of the Interval International website.

Can I cancel my exchange affiliate request?
An exchange travel request may be canceled by following Interval International’s cancellation rules.

How many points would be needed to make an average reservation in a 2 bedroom during "red" season?
a. The average "Red Season" points for a reservation varies by resort. But using about 6500 points for a 2BR should work most times.

Does my ownership in DRI come with a membership in II?
a. All members of the "club" come with a DRI paid for membership in II. BUT if you buy resale, you must join and pay for your exchange company membership.

The Final Word!

We hope this serves as a great source of information for DRI owners who may not know all the ins and outs of owning a DRI timeshare interval, or folks who may be interested in purchasing a property in the Diamond Resorts collection!

TUG has a Diamond Resorts specific Discussion forum on the TUGBBS Online Forums for any and all to read and ask specific questions about any and all things DRI related!

Visit the Diamond Resorts Discussion Forums today!


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