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This company claims to be able to get me out of my Timeshare?
Answers a very common question many folks have regarding calls, emails and letters from companies claiming to be able to terminate Timeshare contracts!

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"We can get you out of your Timeshare"

Timeshare cancellation scam

This common scenario starts with a simple email, letter, phone call, or Internet link claiming to be able to "Get you out of your Timeshare Contract" or "Legally Cancel your Timeshare" or a variety of other wonderful sounding tasks that make you think this is an answer to your prayers of trying to get rid of your Timeshare!  In many cases these folks claim to be lawyers, or represent a law firm, or claim to work for various state consumer protection agencies in an attempt to make them sound more legitimate, but it always comes down to asking for an upfront fee in the end!

On a daily basis users are bombarded by various schemes designed to sound legitimate and helpful, but in actuality the main goal of the scheme is to get you to pay money upfront for services that may or may not be rendered!  We have written about many of these in detail in many of our other articles, but we want to focus on this one because it has been reported more and more in the past few years than ever before.

So they really cant cancel my contract even if I was lied to?

timeshare resale scam

An extremely common scenario involves these entities focusing on the fact that many Timeshare owners were indeed lied to or at the very least misled during their sales presentation and may actually have been promised one thing, but purchased something else!  While we of course also find this practice reprehensible, unfortunately in terms of a legal standpoint, what is in your signed contract is all that matters.  While the salesman may have made extremely wild claims about everything you would get, or would be able to do during the presentation, you will most certainly find those claims missing from the sales contract you signed.

Fact is, many a legitimate law firm have taken up cases against Resort Developers claiming that owners were lied to or misled during sales presentations, the defense is always to display the legal signed sales agreement that explains in great detail each and every thing the resort is providing to you and nothing more.  Anything not in the contract you signed that may or may not have been promised to you by the salesman simply doesn't apply!

These schemes will play to your own anger over being misled, and claim that since the salesman made these wild claims that you did not get, you "might" be able to get your contract canceled.  All of this sound fantastic right?  Right up until they point out that in order for them to start the "cancellation process" or whatever it may be called, you will need to pay them upfront to the tune of many hundreds of dollars!  NEVER PAY UPFRONT FEES!

So what are my options?

Help me with Timeshare
The hard truth here is that your only option to rid yourself of your timeshare is to find a LEGITIMATE person to either take it over from you, or buy it from you.  In many cases you will find that you have to discount the sale price up to 99% off what you originally paid for it (thats right folks, timeshares are regularly given away for a single dollar by owners who just want out) but even in this scenario it is far cheaper than paying someone hundreds if not thousands of dollars upfront!  We provide a number of articles to help you sell your timeshare and avoid these scams, we suggest you start with this one  How to Sell your Timeshare and avoid being Scammed!

Another option is to contact your resort and attempt to work out a deal where you give the unit back to the resort itself!  In many cases you will discover that this is exactly what these schemes do on your behalf anyway, and its something you can do yourself for free!  Check out this advice article on Timeshare Deedbacks.


The final word!

We would absolutely LOVE to discover a way for owners to simply and easily get their resorts to let them out of their Timeshares!  If such a simple process existed, we would plaster it on every page on TUG!  Fact it it simply doesn't happen, and you should never ever pay upfront fees to sell/rent/etc your timeshare!  Do NOT be the next victim of these schemes!  No matter how convincing it sounds, no matter how good the pitch is, no matter how desperate you are, do not do business with them, and by all means do NOT provide any credit card information to them!

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