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"We have a buyer for your Timeshare" phone call

Hands down one of the most common scams in the industry today, is when a random company contacts you via telephone claiming they have a buyer for your Timeshare! Other variants of this will claim they can sell or rent your timeshare easily, but rest assured that ANY company that contacts you out of the blue claiming to have a buyer or renter for your timeshare is looking to rip you off and will eventually ask you for some sort of legitimate sounding fee that you will never see again! Fact is we have never heard of ANY legitimate organization making outbound calls to Timeshare owners for the efforts of selling or renting timeshares...PERIOD!

I would never fall for such an obvious scam!

Fact is folks, hundreds and thousands of victims have fallen for these scams over the years, and despite the valiant efforts by law enforcement agencies to shut many of these scammers down, they still find victim after victim to send them money in these scams! Why are they so successful you ask?

Because they are telling you exactly what you want to hear! That they have a buyer for your timeshare at an amazing price! What could be better music to a desperate Timeshare owners ears than this story! It is literally the perfect bait and owners fall for it EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Fact is folks, its not easy to sell your timeshare, and there simply are not buyers "lined up" to buy your timeshare on the resale market. The cold hard facts about selling your timeshare are that you are likely to get no more than 0 - 15% of its original purchase price if you are looking to sell, and quite frankly no one is going to convince you to pay them hundreds of dollars over the phone with a pitch that tells you the truth!

Surely they cant all be scams, right?

The ugly truth is that Timeshare resale scammers have been honing their craft for 20+ years, they know exactly what to say and exactly what you need to hear in order to be convinced they are legitimate! Many times they use legitimate company names to further attempt to sound like they are legitimate!

This is not their first rodeo, and they are smarter than you think! This is a multi million dollar a year scam that targets each and every timeshare owner! Your only defense is education and knowing that ANYONE contacting you asking for an upfront fee to sell or rent your Timeshare is someone you should avoid at all costs!

There are so many different flavors of these scams and schemes, we list a large number of them in this article here: Timeshare Scams and other Fairy Tales

Do NOT be the next victim of these cold call scams! No matter how convincing it sounds, no matter how good the pitch is, no matter how desperate you are, do not do business with them, do not continue the phone call, and by all means do NOT provide any credit card information to them!

The Final Word on companies contacting you about selling your Timeshare!

Scammers fleece timeshare owners for millions of dollars each and every year with these upfront fee scams that convince you they have a legitimate buyer or renter for your Timeshare! This scam is so widespread because it is so effective! Even folks who have read our previous articles against paying upfront fees STILL fall for versions of these scams on the hope that this one "might actually have a buyer!". ITS ALWAYS A SCAM FOLKS! The next time you get one of these phone calls, do yourself a favor and hang up!

Come check out our free Timeshare owner Discussion forums! if you have any additional questions or concerns! There are thousands of other Timeshare owners on this forum who answer questions all day every day and you can find COUNTLESS examples of these scams that happen every single day!

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