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Everything you ever wanted to know about Club Intrawest!!
Note that this article serves as a historical guide as Club Intrawest was purchased by Diamond Resorts and rebranded as Embarc in 2017. Please visit the TUGBBS Dri/Embarc Owner Forum for more updated information about Intrawest/Embarc Ownership!

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Club Intrawest Timeshare Overview

Club Intrawest/Embarc is a private points-base, resort club with nine exclusive resorts around the world, each uniquely designed to reflect the culture and architecture of the region. Most are four-season resorts to fit any vacation style.

Intrawest Corporation – a world leader in the leisure and development industry, manages club Intrawest. Intrawest is renown for building vibrant village resorts in spectacular destinations. Intrawest owns and operates Whistler Blackcomb, North America’s most popular mountain resort. It also owns or manages 12 other exclusive village resorts including Mammoth, Squaw Valley, Tremblant and Lake Las Vegas.

Club Intrawest Resorts List

How Club Intrawest Timeshare Ownership Works

When you become a Club Intrawest Member, you receive an annual allotment of Resort Points — this is the currency you use to vacation throughout the Club Intrawest network. Every year you receive a new allotment of Resort Points. Membership lasts forever and can be shared with friends and family.

Use the following guide for when Members generally make their vacation plans:

Estimated Intrawest Points needed for Stays

150 1 Bedroom 1 Week Peak Season
200 2 Bedroom 1 Week Peak Season
200 1 Bedroom 1 Week Holiday Season
280 2 Bedroom 1 Week Holiday Season

 *  Sorry, The official point charts are not available online to anyone not a Club Intrawest member.

  • Resort Points can be banked or borrowed to/from the following year.
  • Resort Points are withdrawn from the Use Year in which your travel dates occur. 

Club Intrawest Exchange Options

Club Intrawest has an exchange program called ExtraOrdinary Escapes. ExtraOrdinary Escapes vacations can be reserved up to 12 months in advance of your desired travel dates. You can also use your points with independent resort, hotel and cruise partners.

When making an exchange, you do not reserve a specific week or location but simply pay with points. (ie 150 pts is a 2 bedroom, 1 week)

ExtraOrdinary Escapes also now has a direct deal with HGVC, were you can make point reservations at the HGVC main locations. There is a $20/night charge and the reservations are non refundable.

Club Intrawest also has an association with Interval International. You can reserve a Sunday week at three of their locations ( Whistler, Palm Desert and Tremblant) and deposit it into II.

Club Intrawest resorts can also be exchanged with the several independent TS companies.

CI is currently making joining ExtraOrdinary Escapes(EE) difficult for persons buying CI memberships resale from the current owners.

First, CI says that if you do a TS presentation at CI, then buy resale ( within 2 years) CI will not allow you to join EE . And, CI will allow you to join EE if you don’t pay more than $125/pt for your resale membership.

Club Intrawest Cost?

The developer is currently selling points for approx $165 / point. Most offers I’ve seen for resell of Club Intrawest points are at about $85-90 / point. There is also a $650 charge to transfer membership points to a new owner.

CI only allows resale transfers of membership points, which are at least 120 points. So you can’t add on to your CI membership by buying resale unless you add on at least 120 more points.

More Club Intrawest Help?

As mentioned above, this article written in 2013 serves as a historical reference for Club Intrawest owners. Now that DRI has rebranded CI as "Embarc Resorts" many of the benefits and options have changed as Diamond works to integrate these resorts into their own program!

For the most current and up to date information regarding Embarc Timeshares, please visit the TUGBBS Dri/Embarc Owner Forum here as well as look out for an updated article covering this same information just updated specifically for Embarc owners!

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