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 Homepage Updated: 11/15/07 

PR Guideline Page

I believe in what General George S.Patton once said -

"Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do, and they will surprise you with their ingenuity."

The success of this group will be determined by the amount of Publicity we can generate. This page will try to provide suggestions and guidelines for the TUG volunteers who are working in this area, but the actual decisions should be yours. I need to rely on the volunteers to be self starting and independent. If you find a better way or have other ideas... go for it.

To my way of thinking the quickest and most effective PR will be thur emailing press releases to newspapers, computer and travel magazines. We will concentrate on those sources that have online ( web ) publications first and then move to the printed versions. Below is a source for over 3500 online newspapers and mags.

Helpful Steps

  1. Read up on how to do and what to say in Press Releases
  2. Set up an email list of contacts Try to find the email address of either the travel, real estate or business editor for each publication and send all PRs directly to the individual editor instead of just the publication. This means you will probably have to surf and search each online publication to find their email contact listing (small pubs may only have one editor).
  3. Write your Press Release ... please send me a preview copy so I can check the data.
  4. Email the PR to your list - send to as many names as you feel comfortable with each week, working thur your list.
  5. Try to determine if the PR was accepted and if published, find out how to get a copy. - We will be setting up a News page on our site to link to any published articles on TUG or Timesharing. This might help get the PR published, if they know they will be linked to our site by getting added publicity for their publication
  6. Do what you can do, but don't overdo it. It is much more important that you stay with us as volunteer than to burn yourself out in a few weeks....Have fun!!!!

Web sites with info on Press Releases and Publicity

Press Release Tips for PR People ( tips from an editor on how to do PR ) - http://marketing.tenagra.com/releases.html

Web sites of over 3,500 paper-printed publications - http://www.newsdirectory.com/

pr-gb  http://pr-gb.com/

American chronicle http://amchron.com/AMchronDefault.asp


Topics and Title Ideas - Most Press Releases use short catchy titles

New Web-Based BBS for Timeshare Users

TUG is announces its new Timeshare Bulletin Board System (BBS).

First Online Group for Timeshare Owners

Timeshare Rankings and Reviews available Online

Owners Unite to Provide Timeshare Info and Help

Below are general lines ( in no order ) that I put together when I was trying to write up a Press Release on the New TUG BBS - The TUG BBS would be a good first PR.

The Timeshare Users' Group now has a Web-based Bulletin Board System.
All the topics concern timeshares or timesharing in general.
There are places for general questions as well as resort related topics.
The TUG board is a non-commercial venture and is open to the public.
Everyone now has a way of getting help with timeshare questions
The TUG BBS, through its open Internet access, is providing a consolidated place for the exchange of timeshare information TUG web site address: http://www.timeshare-users-group.com
We hope that it will become THE place for people to ask questions about timesharing.
This BBS as another major step forward for TUG members and timeshare owners in general.
Part of the site is dedicated to education and information, so that people can become informed before they purchase a timeshare.
Timeshare owners now have a way of asking and answering timeshare questions
We have set up the TUG BBS with 4 main boards.... General Discussion - for posts about general timeshare topics not covered by the resort areas US Resorts - for posts about the resorts in the USA International Resorts - for posts about International resorts Practice Board - a place where you can learn the ins and outs of the bbs and practice posting messages.
Stop by and share information about the resorts you have visited recently, or ask questions about your next exchange.
Who can give you better advice than another timeshare owner? I've never gotten bad advice yet.
The thing timeshare owners like to do most, after traveling, is to sit down and page through their "wish book," the RCI or II catalogs, and dream about that next trip, or the one after that. Now you can talk about it, with other timeshare owners, who will share your dreams with you, and make you think about some new ones.
Need advice? The Timeshare Bulletin Board is the place to ask your questions. As many of us as there are, somebody is bound to know the answers. Admission to the board is free at this time, so there is no reason not to come out and enjoy.
The Timeshare Bulletin Board's is linked from the TUG home page at http://www.tug2.net




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