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This report, issued on the 20th anniversary of the first survey of resort timeshare owners in the United States, is the ninth such survey since 1978.

Notable growth has occurred in the resort timeshare industry during this period as outlined below.

Timesharing: Now and Then

Annual U.S. Sales Volume
Less than $300 million
Nearly $3 billion
Number of U.S. Owners
Less than 100,000
More than 1.9 million
Number of U.S. Resorts
More than 1,200

Who They Are

Compared to all U.S. households, timeshare owners earn more (72.9 percent have incomes of more than $50,000, compared to only 34.3 percent for U.S. households); are older (75.3 percent are 45 years of age or more, compared to 52.1 percent); and are more educated (57.4 percent have a bachelor’s degree, compared to 24.5 percent).

Why They Buy

The exchange opportunity remains the most frequently cited motivation for purchasing a timeshare interval (84.2 percent), followed by being able to save money on future vacation costs (59.5 percent) and simply liking the timeshare resort, the amenities, and/or the unit (52.2 percent).

Satisfaction rates with the exchange opportunity are very high. Some 78.6 percent of owners express satisfaction with their exchange company, and 83.1 percent express satisfaction with their most recent exchange.

One-half (50 percent) of those surveyed own at seashore or ocean beach areas, followed by golfing destinations at 28.9 percent, snow skiing destinations at 20.7 percent, and lake or large river destinations at 20.3 percent. A high 28.8 percent of owners own timesharing at more than one resort.

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