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Resort Timesharing & Gaming

A Survey of Resort Timeshare Owners in

Atlantic City, Las Vegas and Reno

This study reflects the responses to a survey of 1,683 households owning resort timesharing in three major casino gaming communities: Atlantic City, Las Vegas and Reno. The survey had a 19.8 percent response rate.

Importance of Casino Gaming in Purchase Decision

The majority of respondents (50.8 percent) say the presence of casino gaming was important in their decision to purchase resort timesharing in one of these communities. This includes 17.7 percent who would not have purchased if casino gaming were not present.

Timeshare Vacation Patterns in Casino Gaming Communities

While on their most recent timeshare vacations in one of the three casino gaming communities, respondents had an average visitor-party size of 3.3 persons. The parties averaged 2.8 adults and 0.5 children less than the age of 21. About one-third (36.6 percent) brought along adult friends or relatives.

They spent an average of eight nights, including 6.1 nights in a timeshare unit and 1.9 nights in other forms of accommodations, perhaps a hotel or with friends or relatives. About one-third (32.8 percent) extended their vacation by staying in other accommodations.

Gambling Patterns

Most respondents (82.3) gambled during their most recent timeshare vacation, for a daily average of 3.4 hours. Almost one-third (29 percent) gambled five or more hours per day.

On average, respondents gambled in 4.5 casinos. Most frequently played games were slot machines (68.2 percent), video poker (46.1 percent), blackjack (39.9 percent), Keno (28 percent), roulette (16.4 percent), other video machines (15 percent) and craps (14.9 percent).

Gambling and Other Expenditures

Atlantic City
Las Vegas
percent of respondents who gambled
average hours gambled per day
average gambling expenditures per visit
average per visitor party per day gambling expenditure
average number of casinos gambled at

Future Use Patterns

On average, respondents anticipate spending 18.9 more days in their casino gaming community over the next 10 years now that they own timesharing there than they would have if they had not purchased.

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