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Resort timesharing has existed in the Caribbean since the 1970s. During the past few years, it has been one of the fastest-growing vacation and real estate industries in the region.

Characteristics of timeshare properties

There are 128 timeshare projects in the Caribbean on five islands. These projects contain 8,150 built timeshare units with an average of 64 units per project. Thirty-four projects contain fewer than 25 units (26.5 percent) while 21 (16.4 percent) contain more than 100. The percentages of timeshare units are located on the following islands:

The average annual maintenance fee is $379 per interval, and the average current interval price is $9,881. About 26.7 percent of the units contain two or more bedrooms, 41.3 percent contain one bedroom, and 32 percent are either hotel rooms or studio units.

Owner Characteristics

Residents of the United States account for about 75 percent of all timeshare purchasers in the Caribbean. Nearly one-third (33.1 percent) of all purchasers reside in four states New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Florida. Europeans account for 11.7 percent and Canadians for 5.7 percent of all purchasers.

  • 85.7 percent represent married households
  • 68.2 percent have no children living at home
  • The average age of the head of household is 52 years old
  • Median household income is about $88,765
  • Satisfaction Ratings
    • 80 percent are either satisfied or very satisfied
  • 81.5 percent say their purchase has either matched or exceeded their expectations
  • 73.3 percent say that timesharing has had a positive impact on their lives
  • 62.1 percent say that timeshare ownership has saved them money on vacations


    Timesharing and the economy

    The timeshare industry contributes significantly to the region’s economy. During the next 10 years, the average timeshare owner expects to return to the Caribbean 7.5 times. This average would have been only 3.9 times if not owning timesharing in the region. In 1998, the year-round occupancy rate in resort timeshare projects in the Caribbean was 83.3 percent compared to about 66.7 percent (1997) in the hotel industry.

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