Islas del Sol is a 75 unit ocean front condominium located in Mazatlan, Mexico. Built in 1976 as a full time condominium it was later converted to timesharing. All units are large, (900 to 1150 square feet) with two bedrooms on two levels and some have two baths. Thirty of the units remain as full time condominiums. Located between the El Moro Tower el Cid and the Hideaway Beach Club of the Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort, Condominios Islas del Sol occupies the prime location in Mazatlan.

Islas del Sol is an 18 story tower, right on the beach. All units are two level; ocean front from both levels, there are two bedrooms on the lower level. Master has king size and second bedroom is twins. There are two twins in the living room which also serve as sofas. RCI rates the center units with one bath on the lower level as 6 max.- 4 private; however the bath is accessible, to all, without going through any other sleeping space. Corner units are slightly larger, have two baths and are rated 6 - 6. Resort has 75 units total of which 45 are timeshare and 30 are full time vacation homes.

A quiet, retirees group, mostly US and western Canadian, occupy Islas in the winter. Islas is a do your own thing resort where the loudest noise is the continuous sound of the pounding surf . There are no planned activities. Many tours are available but mostly it is relaxing , reading in the sun, shopping and golf that occupies the daylight hours of the winter group. There are many fine restaurants so the evenings pass quickly. You can join the hoopla if you so desire as Islas is located between the largest resort in Mexico (El Cid Mega Resort ) and the newly renovated Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort.

Mazatlan is a working town with the largest shrimp fleet in Mexico, an equally large fishing fleet, tuna canning , coffee manufacturing and a great brewery plus being a tourist town. Unlike Cancun, and other Mexican resort towns, Mazatlan has retained a Mexican flavor. It is friendly, safe, has excellent restaurants, growing golf opportunities, plenty of tennis, tours to the islands, city and mountains. A real plus is there is no need for a car. Everyone uses the bus and open air taxis.

If you have never been to Mazatlan, or want to learn more about Mazatlan and all it has to offer, visit a marvelous Web site on Mazatlan:, created by a young couple who now make their home in the El Cid Marina Section of Mazatlan. Their Web site is very informative and beautifully presented.

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Condominios Islas del Sol is affiliated with Resorts Condominiums International (RCI) and pictures with further descriptions are available at the RCI WEB Site under Resort Code Number #2781. Below is a Direct Link to the RCI Web site regarding Condominios Islas del Sol. PLEASE NOTE, by clicking on the direct link, you will be actually going to the Web site. REMEMBER to Hit "BACK" on your browser to return to this TUG page. The RCI Web site on Condominios Islas del Sol: Includes two pictures: exterior resort; interior of the penthouse living-room.  

The website for Islas is also available for pictures, contact numbers and other information.  It is

For more information contact Mr. Jose Escobar, Operational Manager, Mr. Bliss Parsons, Foreign Owners Representative and Veronica in Reservations at Islas del Sol, Mazatlan, Mexico.  Phone 669-913-0088 or 669-913-0066 (use the 011-52 prefix from the United States).  The fax number is 669-913-5666.  

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