To:     Paradise Island Beach Club Owners (e) 12-7-01

From: Leo Grief

Re:     PIBC, Bahamas

I am compiling a list of Owners, which will allow us to communicate on various issues related to PIBC. Please send me the following information about yourself:

Owners name:
Street Address:
City, State, Zip, Country
Phone #:
Fax #:
Email Address:
Number weeks owned:

Please inform any other owners you know of, about this request, so they can send me their info and be included on the list.

Some issues discussed at the owners meeting on Oct 22nd and Oct 31st were:

(a) Marriott’s maintenance fee of $164,000.00 (clear profit) for the year 2000
(b) Our Board cannot find a management company to replace Marriott.
(c ) Renewal of Marriott’s contract.
(d) A major facilities upgrade as proposed by Marriott, which would be paid for by  the Owners by means of a special assessment of $1600.00! Yes, that is One thousand six hundred dollars!!!; more or less for each week you own. 

I have written several memos regarding these issues which will be mailed next week. Upon reading these memos please send your comments regarding same to the Members of the Board. Their names and addresses are listed in the Beach Club Newsletters. Please send me a copy of these comments.

There will be additional information sent at a later date.

Leo Grief
3000 Lowell Ave
Wantagh, NY 11793 USA
Phone #: 1-516-221-6127
Fax #: 1-516-221-1819