Information On How TUG Can Help Your Resort

Being the largest independent group of individual timeshare owners (we are not in the timeshare business) and having one of the most active timeshare related websites on the Internet, TUG has the ability of providing many benefits to your resort, your owners and your prospective owners and guests.

TUG provides a great information resource for resorts and their owners. Many resorts are saving both time and money by referring their owners to TUG to answer the common basic timesharing questions every owner has... how do I trade my unit, use RCI or II, etc.

For those resorts that don't have their own resale or rental programs, the TUG classified ad sections offers your owners a great way to advertise their own units. In order to help pay for our group's expenses (we have now grown to 3 websites just to handle the current access volume which is running over 30,000 hits per day), TUG has designed a full range of advertising packages just for travel and timeshare industry. These ad programs can either be simple, like our banner ads or complex, like our complete website hosting programs, depending on your needs. By utilizing our great Internet web presence, you will be able to promote your resort to the best possible audience.

More importantly, by joining TUG, resorts are able to get feedback from their owners and guests through our resort reviews and rankings databases, that they would not be able to get themselves. They can find out what their guests are really saying about their resorts, what they liked and what might need improvement. This can be an invaluable way of tracking your resort's appearance to both your owners and the public.

Finally, we would love to have an official resort contact person who would be able to answer questions, by email if possible, about your resort by our members planning to visit. This would be more in the way of updating current info... i.e. Was there any damage from a storm, construction under way, golf or entertainment packages available, special resort or area activities, etc.

TUG looks forward to working with your resort to our mutual benefit. Below are more details on the advertising packages available (complete details are available on our website at ).

New TUG Web Banner Ad Program

In order for our business and resort advertisers to get better exposure on our website, TUG has started a new banner ad program. As we test this program, we will be offering banners for only $25 per month ($100 to start for first 3 months, which also includes the one time $25 setup fee). This also includes both a direct linking on the banner ad and a listing in either this Business Ad page or the Resorts Ad page. These banners will be displayed on different areas of our website during our testing period to determine the best pages and locations for these ads.

Need Your Own Webpage or Website??

TUG ( the #1 independent timeshare web site ) has teamed up with the world's #1 Web Hosting Internet Server ( currently hosting over 81,000 web sites worldwide ) to offer Timeshare and Travel related businesses an unbeatable advertising combination. We have put together a variety of packages including:

If you would like more information about this advertising opportunity, just call 904-264-3512 or 800-243-1921