Timeshare Users Group
PO box 1442,
Orange Park, Fl 32073

(Today's Date), 1999

Dear (Name or Title),

I am writing to introduce you and your resort to a potential source of new customers and therefore increased revenue. The Timeshare Users' Group on the Internet is a tremendous source of valuable information, which can provide you insights you might not receive directly from your guests about perceptions on various aspects of your facility.

You and your time share owners can also take advantage of our special promotions board and advertising to a perfectly targeted audience of prospective buyers (about 20-25% of our members are using our group's resources to research future timeshare purchases). We have a free Home Owners Association (HOA) section for posting owner's meetings minutes, schedules, foreclosures sales, etc.

The Timeshare Users' Group (TUG) was established five years ago and currently has thousands of members worldwide, and is growing. Our Web site has in excess of 30,000 hits per day and has grown to 3 sites to handle the load. The TUG Web site containing information on exchanging, purchase and sales of units, bulletin boards, resort evaluations and much more. Look at www.tug2.net and see the information and services available to you and your timeshare owners. We are Timeshare owners who are actively exchanging, buying and /or selling our timeshare units.

The Timeshare users group has recently established a relationship with the Timeshare Owners Panel (TOP) which have started surveys of thousands of Timeshare owners, something very valuable for all resorts. The results from all the surveys, these surveys will cover all aspects of timesharing and is costing over $100,000 to compile, are available by via TUG member web pages.

If you would like to know more about the organization and the ways we can assist you in reaching a group of potential customers in a very focused way please contact me at the above address or via e-mail roy@timeshare-users-group.com on the Internet. If you are interested please provide us the name of an official resort contact, who will be able to answer our members questions about your resort, its amenities, promotions, activities, etc.

Yours Faithfully


Roy Martin