Timeshare Users Group
Canadian Resort Contacts


To establish a contact with timeshare resorts in Canada and inform them of the existence and benefits of TUG to their resorts and owner/members.

Desired Outcomes

To identify a resort contact person who will promote the benefits of TUG to the timeshare owner/members and/or Home Owners Associations (HOAs) of each of the approximately 4500 Resort Condominiums International (RCI) and Interval International (II) timeshare resorts.

We Need Your Help

If you have a contact at any of the resorts listed below would you contact them and send them an introduction letter or E-mail on our behalf, or forward the contact information to Roy Martin at roy@timeshare.users.group.com.

Word processor files containing sample e-mails for resort intial contact and follow-up contact.


The information that we have on 107 Resorts in Canada is that about 20 have web sites, about 30 have e-mail addresses and we have contacted, with the assistance of TUG members almost 40 of them. We have no electronic means of contacting over 60% of the resorts in Canada.

The Canadian timeshare resorts that we need a contact for are listed by province below.

British Columbia


Alpine Resort Haven PhII (5182)

Bar C Canadian Adventure Resort (5185)

Hotel Kananaskis (2887)

Lodge at Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada (1459)

Paradise Canyon (5316)

British Columbia

Aspen Slopeside, Whistler, Canada

Crystal Lodge, Whistler, BC

Fairmont Villas at Mountainside, Fairmont BC, Canada (FMB)

Grand Okanagan Resort, Kelowna, BC, Canada (GOR)

LOR Houseboat Club (4050)

Lake Okanagan Resort, Kelowna, BC (2794)

Nu - Tka Landing Floating Resort (5186)

RVI Holiday Club Shaswyn Lakes (4053)

RVI Holiday Clud Lake Okanagan (3288)

Radium Valley Vacation Resort, B.C., Canada

Rendezvous Lodge (4202)

Resort Club (1055)

Snowbird, Whistler, BC, Canada

St. Ives on Shuswap, Chase BC, Canada (0039)

Shuswap Lakes Resort Club

Whiskey Post Resort (4057)

Whiski Jack at Powder's Edge, Whistler, BC, Canada (2003)

Whiski Jack at the Aspens (5315)

Whiski Jack at the Tyndale Stone Lodge (4054)

Whiski Jack at the Valhalla (3424)

Whiski Jack at the Whistler Cascade Lodge (5182)

Whistler Vacation Club at Lake Placid, BC (2202)

Whistler Vacation Club at Twin Peaks (3881)

World Mark at Sundance, Whistler (3001)


Birchcliffe Villas at Deerhurst, Huntsville, Ontario (1948)

Calabogie Highlands Vacation Villas (CGH)

Cranberry Vacation Villas (3291)

Deerhurst Resort, Huntsville, Ontario, Canada (DHI/DEE)

Elkhorn Resort (1080)

Harbour Inn & Resort, Brechin, Ontario, Canada (0260)