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Resort Contacts


To establish a contact with all timeshare resorts and inform them of the existence and benefits of TUG to their resorts and owner/members.

Desired Outcomes

To identify a TUG member contact and/or a resort officer that will promote the benefits of TUG to the timeshare owner/members, the resorts management or Home Owners Associations (HOAs) of each of the approximately 4500 timeshare resorts in Resort Condominiums International (RCI) and Interval International (II) organizations.


The TUG group's timeshare resorts are organized into ten geographic areas, for TUG reviews and ratings.

Each grouping of resorts has a TUG member volunteer responsible for contacting the resort in that geographic area. The resort contact coordinators are:

Canadian Resorts, Roy Martin at roy@timeshare-users-group.com

Caribbean resorts, JoAnn Grob at JAGrob@infinet.com

Florida resorts, Melinda Boeh at MelJogs@aol.com

Hawaii resorts, Don Naftulin at Momelmay@aol.com

International resorts, Bruce E. Bailey at 3underpar@theturn.ndirect.co.uk

Mexico resorts, Roy Martin at roy@timeshare-users-group.com

Western USA resorts, Jim King at jimkin51@yahoo.com

Central USA resorts, Pam Rickey at parickey@busprod.com

North Eastern USA resorts, Anthony Graziosa at tonygraz@yahoo.com

South Eastern USA resort, Chris at Heymann6@aol.com.

These volunteers work as a team in establishing resort contacts, compiling and sharing resort information with each other and other TUG volunteer teams.

The team is responsible for maintaining a central database of resort information, sharing this information and establishing contacts with other TUG volunteers and/or teams that can assist or be assisted by the resort contacts team and/or the information that they collect and maintain.


The volunteers will find electronic addresses for TUG owner members at resorts and/or resort management or HOA officers and solicit their support via e-mail. When a resort management or HOA contact is confirmed (by a positive response to our e-mail) the contact name and electronic address will be recorded in the data base and forwarded to an appropriate TUG member and/or for follow up. Contact electronic addresses can be found in the TUG resort review Web pages, the list of resort Web pages or other World Wide Web sources.

Links to other TUG members, teams and resources.

Resort Reviews

A team of TUG member volunteers maintains Web pages for resorts that have been reviewed by TUG members. These pages often contain e-mail addresses for TUG member/owners at the resorts or resort management contacts. Sometime the page will contain a link to or address for the resort (or resorts managing organizations) Web page.

Resort Ratings

A TUG member volunteer maintains a Web page for ratings of resorts that have been visited and rated by TUG members. This information is available in the form of a down-loadable Excel spreadsheet for TUG members. These files are sorted in alphabetic and geographic order.

 Resort Web Page Addresses

A TUG member volunteer maintains a Web page listing (with links) the addresses of timeshare resort and timeshare management groups Web pages.

HOA Contacts

A team of TUG members is responsible for assisting resort Home Owners Associations use TUG services and facilities. Eileen Ahles coordinates this team. Contact her at ebahles@home.com.

New team member set up.

Each TUG volunteer will be provided with the following resources to assist them with establishing resort contacts.

The Resort Contacts volunteers are coordinated by Roy Martin at roy@timeshare-users-group.com. If you are an owner at any of these resorts and would like to assist us as a member contact, please let me know. All comments, suggestions, and corrections are welcome.

The info contained in the TUG Resorts database is provided by timeshare owners and is solely the opinion of those owners. The Timeshare Users Group is not responsible for its content.  This information is for the personal use of our members only. Any commercial use of this material is strictly forbidden without written notice.

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