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Paid Advertising Options for Timeshare Users Group!

TUG Paid Advertising Overview

Timeshare Users Group boasts Millions of visits a month from Timeshare Owners across all our websites. In many cases it can be advantageous to partner with a well known or frequently mentioned and suggested business by our membership by including direct links to these companies within the website itself!

In years past we used a random rotating banner ad program, however Google Ads have taken over this space and provides a much more robust implementation and reporting solution for businesses to advertise in the pay per click advertising realm!

What we can offer on top of that is a much more targeted solution of including a link within an existing article or webpage language so that it is incorporated directly into the page itself vs a banner ad image or box to click etc.

We find that the results of this form of advertising results in FAR better results given those clicking on the ads are both already invested in the topic of the page in reading the article and thus are likely your EXACT target market, but are also interested in your product or service enough to click on the link directly to visit your site.

These links can be inserted onto just about any page within (Advice Articles) and Resort Ratings and Marketplace) or even our Weekly TUG newsletter that is distributed to more than 50,000 Subscribing members!

These options can drive specific and targeted traffic to just about any vendor within the Timeshare Industry!

Limitations/Restrictions on Advertising

Given TUG is an independent website where owners go for help and advice, we reserve the right to restrict our paid advertising to companies that we deem appropriate for our visitors and in most cases would likely require any business that wished to advertise on TUG actually be well known and recommended within the community itself.

Pricing and Contact Information

If you would like to discuss further opportunities in this space, please send us an email at or give us a call at 904-298-3185 and we would be happy to explain any further details or chat about ideas you may have on which pages would best suit advertising for your business or product!

The Goal of these partnerships is to provide a mutual return on investment and we provide extremely reasonable rates for these sorts of advertising options. If you feel that we are a good fit, please reach out and I assure you we will work to make our partnership a favorable one for both sides!

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