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Article submitted by:
John Collister

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La Costa Beach Club                         Pompano Beach, Florida     RCI #   724
The Ventura                                       Boca Raton, Florida             "         2754
Summer Oaks                                    Merrimac, Wisconsin            "         3895
Royal Aloha Torreblanca                  Acapulco, Mexico                 "         1692
Kingsbury Crossing  Lake Tahoe,    Stateline, Nevada                  "         3894
Imperial Hawaii  Waikiki,                 Oahu, Hawaii                         "           961
Embarcadero   Newport,                   Oregon                                   "         1250

Memberships are available for seasons and sizes.  Their three seasons are defined as High, Swing, and Low,; sizes  are for studio, one and two bedroom.  It is important to note that the banking designation of red, white & blue for RCI is different from the Worldwide Seasons.  In some cases you benefit, in some you don't, i.e. you get a higher or lower rating with RCI depending on the property and week given.


Trading Places International  manages the reservations for World Wide Vacation Club.  You can reserve a year ahead, but you must pay your fee before you actually utilize the reservation.
Trading Places offers exchanges, rentals, travel agency services and space banking for World Wide and non-world wide members.  World Wide owners pay no membership fee($59 otherwise), can "space bank" weeks for up to two years in advance, receive a twenty dollar discount on exchanges, and can use the services of the travel agency(including an additional 5% rebate on transpacific/international flights).


If space is available you can upgrade your week to a larger size or better season for $20.00  a day.  A double upgrade cost $30.00 per night.  Members can also request a space available upgrade reservation within 30 days of requested arrival and only pay $69 per week for a single upgrade and $89  per week for a double upgrade.


Bonus Time is available for rental of unused inventory thirty days in advance.  Depending on the size, season, and location the cost ranges from $45 to $125 per night.

Tug rankings for the resorts are:  La Costa Beach Club (4 - 7.25) ; The Ventura (2 - 8.00); Summer Oaks (2 - 7.5) ; Royal Aloha Torreblanca (1 - 5.5)  Kingsbury Crossing (1 - 5.0);  Imperial Hawaii (16 - 5.56) Embarcadero (8-7.70).  The first number indicated the number of rankings and the second number the average ranking value.  Remember - don't place a lot of value where there are less than five rankings for a resort.

Though I tend to plan ahead there has been no problem booking the resort for the dates I wanted to use, even when it was just a couple of months in advance.  The staff has been very pleasant and helpful in giving information about the facility.  The reservation process has been prompt in sending the confirmation. 

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