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World Class Resort Club

Article submitted by:
Richard S. Wolf
Mountain Bikers Almanac
31 May 1996

World Class Resorts is one of the oldest and largest Timeshare Vacation Ownership clubs in the world, it was established in 1981 and its success and popularity are due to its enormous flexibility, discounted resale pricing, and member operated and controlled Association. The Club is considered to be sold out and memberships only available from the Association, lender foreclosures, or on a resale basis from other members.

The club presently owns, free and clear, 5 resorts in total; these include the Eagle's Nest Resort at Lake Tahoe, NV, Bandera Homestead (near San Antonio, TX), Palm Bay Resort in Daytona Shores, FL, a resort in the Dominican Republic and several condos in Lakeland Florida. The Club has both annual and biennial (every other year) memberships. Several of the resorts have the RCI Resort of International Distinction award.

Membership in the Club is in perpetuity and the Association holds title to the real properties. Members may use, give rent, trade, will, or sell their membership. Taxes are included in the annual assessments.

Various size units ranging from studio suites to 3 bedroom condo's are available, and are priced accordingly. The only units for sale are those owned by the Association or lender's foreclosures.

Members may reserve any week of the year at any of the 5 resorts (Christmas and New Year's weeks excluded in Lake Tahoe only). Reservations can be made as much as 1 year to the day in advance. In addition, members may rent unlimited time at the 5 resorts through Bonus Time on a space available basis.

Exchange is through Resort Condominiums International or by Direct Exchange through C.A.R.E. Many other travel benefits, savings, and opportunities are also available through membership in World Class Resorts.

An annual (or biennial) non-profitassessment of approximately $350 is charged to each member (half to biennial Memberss) to pay utilities, support staff, activities, on-going and future maintenance and replacement. This fee also covers insurance, property taxes, and reserve funds.

Currently there are close to 9,000 active memberships in World Class Resorts with members in 49 states and 20 different countries.  



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