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  Your Location: Timeshare Users Group Advice: Fairfield Resorts' FairShare Plus Vacation Program

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Fairfield Resorts' FairShare Plus Vacation Program

Article submitted by:
Ron Donze
Revised 5/16/98

The data presented here is believed to be correct. However, it is my interpretation of the Program features. Some details have been intentionally left out for brevity.


The goal of the Program is to provide high flexibility in vacation planning for its members. One result is that flexibility translates into complexity making it difficult to describe the plan in a concise manner. It is my intention to try to do so anyway by explaining the highlights of the Program.

Point System

The Program is a point based system. Your unit is assigned a point value based upon what you purchased (studio to 3br, Prime Season, High, Quiet or Value Season and the Resort itself). Each year your allocation of points are deposited for use. Any points not used within 12 months are forfeited. You can use your points in a variety of ways or if properly done, bank your points for future use.

Membership Costs

Program Assessment-
  • This covers overhead costs of operating the system
  • $XXX per year

Membership Fee-

  • This is based on your allocated points. The formula was not available to me
  • $XXX per year

For Fairfield Orlando, 2br, Prime Season the combined costs were approx $79(Owner I asked was guessing what he was being charged).

Types of Membership

Fixed week owners-
  • People who want to ensure availability of a specific week every year would be interested in a fixed week (examples: winter weeks in Florida)
  • Fixed weeks are assigned to the program in exchange for points.

Undivided Interest Ownership (like Flex weeks)-

  • People who want to vary when they take vacation or want to protect against changing circumstances in life would be interested in "UDI" weeks.
  • UDI weeks automatically have points assigned to the Program each year.

Point Usage

Members can use their points to reserve time at any of ~18 Fairfield Resorts, ~21 Associate Locations, deposit into the RCI system (Program members are provided lifetime RCI membership) or take a cruise on Premier Cruise Lines.

Time can be split into as little as 2 day increments taken at any site with a confirmed reservation. Large point units (like Prime Season, 2 bedroom) can be used to create two weeks stay in a 1 bedroom unit.

Points can be borrowed from next year or "rented" under certain stipulations (see "Need More Points?")

Points can be transferred from one person to another.

But planning is necessary (see Reservations) and Housekeeping is always required. You are given Housekeeping points just like unit points to pay for cleaning after/during your stay. Splitting weeks or trading up from 1br to 2br will cost you more Housekeeping points than you have resulting in you having to purchase (with real money) additional Housekeeping points at the time the reservation is confirmed. Points for housekeeping can also be borrowed up to two years in advance.

Dedicated FairShare Plus System ResortsAssociate Locations
Fairfield Flagstaff,Az.
Fairfield Bay
Fairfield Harbortown Point
Fairfield Pagosa
Fairfield Orlando at Cypress Palms
Fairfield Nashville
Fairfield Williamsburg (Kingsgate)
Fairfield Williamsburg (Patriot's Place)
Fairfield Plantation, Ga.
Fairfield Branson
Fairfield Harbour
Fairfield Mountains, Lake Lure NC
Fairfield Sapphire Valley, NC
Fairfield Myrtle Beach (Westwinds)
Fairfield Myrtle Beach (Seawatch Plantaion)
Fairfield Myrtle Beach (Sands Ocean Club)
Fairfield Ocean Ridge
Fairfield Glade
Oasis Water Resort, Palm Springs
Village at Steamboat, Co.
Mountainside Resort at Frisco, Co.
Pines at Meadow Ridge, Co.
Costa Linda Beach Resort, Aruba
Florida Vacation Villas, Kissimmee
Angler's Cove, Marco Fl.
Radisson Suite, Marco Fl.
Sea Winds of Marco, Fl.
Fisherman's Village, Punta Gorda, Fl.
Wander Club Residenz, St. Pete Beach Fl.
Torres Mazatlan, Mex.
Tidewater Golf Club, N Myrtle Beach
Pines at Sunriver, Or.
Holiday Island Resort, Tierra Verde Fl.
Sea Village, Hawaii
Pono Kai, Hawaii
Papakea Resort, Hawaii
Polo Towers, Las Vegas
Rue Esplanade, New Orleans
Nordic Inn Condo Resort, Lincoln NH.
Premier Cruise Line


(Some Reservation Fees May Apply) (Housekeeping Fees May Apply)

Up to 13 months ahead at your home resort and dedicated FairShare Plus System Resorts. (7 night stay Rqd)
Up to 10 months ahead at Associate Locations and less than 7 night stay at home and dedicated resorts.

Need More Points?

Points and/or housekeeping credits can be borrowed only within 60 days of check-in even if you are a first year member. If the member wants to travel to an Associate location of Fairfield they can borrow up to 10 months in advance.

Rent Points (Home/Dedicated Resorts)
Up to 10 months ahead-Points necessary to complete the 7th night only.
Within 2 months of checkin-Any amount of points.

Rent Points (Associate Locations)
Up to 2 months ahead-Any amount of points.

Point Cost- $3 per 1,000 points, beyond 60 days it is $7.00 per 1,000 ponts. Only reservations needing additional points to complete the last night's stay can be purchased more than 60 days in advance of the travel date.
Approximate cost of 1 week extension (2br, Prime Season) using only rented points= $616 to $728 depending on the resort (average Dedicated Resorts used in this example)

Points Credit Pool

Bank your points by deferring use of this years points to future years.

Points must be deposited at least 10 months ahead of the start of your use year (Basically within the first two months from the beginning of your use year).

Take three years from the date the points are first assigned to you to use them. (In practice, Fairfield honors these points for three years from the date you request the points be deposited. Thanks Steve Berridge for letting me know.)

Trade Via RCI

Call reservations and find out if RCI has the week you want.

FairShare determines a like week, and deposits this week into RCI and confirms for trade.

Points required to create a like week may be less than those allocated to you. You may use them, bank them (if done in the first two months- see above), or give them away. RCI operates on a fixed week basis, therefore, we have to convert our member's points into a week's worth of time in order to exchange through RCI. We book a week utilizing points and housekeeping credits based on where the member wants to travel, when the member wants to travel, and how many people will be traveling during that particular exchange. The size of the unit the member needs is what determines how many housekeeping points will be required. If the member does not have enough housekeeping credits remaining in their account they must rent them at a low cost of seventy cents per credit. The number of points and housekeeping credits required for the RCI deposit is subject to availability of Fairshare Plus inventory and how far in advance our members call us to make the deposit. The farther in advance this is done the higher the trade value of the week you are depositing with RCI.

Owner Testimonials From the TUG BBS

Hi Betty - I own at Fairfield in Williamsburg - I was a little skeptical about the points too as it sounded too good to be true - especially if you've had to deal with RCI/II trying to get the resort and exact week you want. Let me tell you that I couldn't be more satisfied with any timeshare experience than I am with the Fairfield points. We have used our home resort, other Fairfield locations, associate locations (not owned by FF but these make direct use of your points no RCI involved) and RCI trades. In every case we made the request and got it confirmed on that phone call. Exact resort - exact time - no hassles. In addition the way RCI trades work through FF you can't give up more than you get as FF & RCI work out a fair exchange of equal value. I wish all my trading could be through FF.

Where you own in the points system doesn't really matter except that you get a chance to claim your weeks earlier than owners from other FF resorts (13 months vs 10 months before use). So if you really like Nashville buy your points based there - but if you get a great deal elsewhere buy there and use them at Nashville. We have purchased our points on resale so they are out there - but do be careful to make sure what you buy has already been converted to points. Any high time FF can be converted but it isn't cheap so buy already converted.

Some of the other pluses of the points system are the ability to borrow or rent points you need to upgrade a week from high to prime or 2 to 3 br or get some extra time; the ability to internally bank points across years to build up for one or more "big" vacations; some of the best customer service reps I've ever dealt with that really try to get you what you want; and lifetime RCI membership included (they even refunded my pre-paid years).

If it sounds like I'm a FF points fan I am! We bought and utilized one week in 1994 then added a second week in 1995. At the right price I would add more. I mean it when I say I wish all TS systems used this method as it is flexible, fair and you enjoy using it. It can get a little complicated to figure out with all the options they offer but with a little help you can learn how to use it well. If you have a chance to get in I highly recommend you do - I think you'll enjoy it as much as we do.

John Chase

Betty, we own at Fairfield Nashville. We agree with John regarding the point system that Fairfield has. We have been able to get the weeks that we have requested. We would recommend buying a resale which will cost you less then buying from Fairfield direct. As John indicated make sure that it is already in the point system as we have been told that only the original owner of a fixed week can convert to point system. You may want to check out Fairfield's web page,which has a link to VCI a division of Fairfield that list resales. The web page can be found at "efairfield.com".

David Downey

More member comments

In answer to some of the questions about the point system. Fairfield owns a network of resorts. Each resort has a total number of points available and your deed is based on your share of ownership of the total number of points rather than a specific unit or week.

As of last year, if you buy from Fairfield you will only get a 20 year lease rather than a deed of ownership. There are points available on the resale market that have deeded ownership. Just be sure if you buy on the resale market that you only buy units that are a part of the point system. For units that go back before the point system was started, only the original owner can convert them to the point system for a fee of $1995.00. Also, certain units (not every unit) may be converted for free, wether or not you are the original owner, if you buy at least 77,000 additional points from Fairfield at the same time. (Check this all out BEFORE you buy). Having a Fairfield unit that is not a part of the point system greatly limits your flexibility with Fairfield although you can still use your fixed week or trade with RCI.

Fairfield gives you a resort directory with their own and associate locations where you can use your points. You can even use them to take cruises. The number of points needed depend on season, size of unit, and which resort. If you have enough points it is usually no problem to get whatever reservation you want, with the possible exception of Myrtle Beach S.C. (Fairfield is building more there so that may not be a problem in the future.) During off seasons or last minute vacancies (less than 60 days) you can also take less than a week's time, requiring fewer points.

Fairfield's rules can seem complex. Actually, I have found you can make it much simpler if you just keep a couple of things in mind. The first year or two you own your points you will need to use them that year or, if you can't, deposit with RCI.

Beginning the first year you own, always call Fairfield in January or February of each year (if your use year is Jan 1 - Dec 31) and deposit your next year's points in the spacebank. This gives you a three year window to save or use your points. If you need more points, as I did for my family reunion, you can also deposit the points for two years away and have immediate use of them. Get in the habit of doing this every year. Otherwise you points do expire if you don't use them that year. If this still doesn't give you enough points for what you need, you can also rent points. If your reservation is less than 60 days away the cost is $3.00 per thousand -- very little cost. If you need to rent points farther ahead than that you can pay $7.00 per thousand.

Fairfield is very good to work with for RCI exchanges. I have heard of people with other resorts with points or floating time being given weeks to deposit with RCI that nobody else wants. Obviously, this does not give you much trading power. With Fairfield, when you want to deposit time with RCI, you call Fairfield. They find a week that matches the number of points you have available. It may not be in the resort where you bought your points but they have always given me excellant weeks with high trading power. I have been able to trade one bedroom units for two bedroom units in good locations.

If anyone has any questions about Fairfield points, feel free to email me at parickey@busprod.com



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