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                                       Bulk Spacebanking

Bulk Spacebanking Deposit of T/S Units By Resorts. The following is a synopsis of the discussions regarding Bulk Spacebanking that took place on the TUG BBS. There were many enlightening points made which make it worth while saving for new members to see. The discussions began in response a message describing how RCI establishes trade power and produced a total of 98 messages in response. The following is a readers digest version of the exchange of messages and then the messages themselves are listed for those interested.
Post by: Ron Donze
The following trading power explanation was provided by Tammy. Tammy conducts new owner briefings at resorts in Rhode Island on how RCI works. She sent me the following data which I thought I'd pass along. I was especially interested in the deposit early aspects of her comments.

RCI works on a point system to determine the value of your deposited vacation week. Some of the factors they take into consideration are:

Time (red, white, or blue)
Demand of your week (ie Newport, RI in summer is very high demand)
Size of unit

RCI assigns points to all these factors and more I didn't mention. They then give you a point number for how far in advance you deposit your week. Here's the key, they multiply points for depositing early by the total of all the above factors.

In short if you don't put your week in early, even if it's a red week, you may end up with less value than someone with a white or blue week or the reverse if you have a white or blue week you can increase your trading power by depositing early.

Many people don't understand this and don't know how to deposit early so they simply wait until they pay their annual fee and then deposit. If you're searching for a particular place, ask the operator when the annual fee is due and you can bet there will be a higher number of deposits around that time. 

Floating Time resort rules and their implications.
  • For resorts that offer floating time ownership, it is important to know if the resort spacebanks weeks with RCI or not. If not, do they allow you to pick your week on a first come first served basis with no questions as to what you intend to do with your week? That's the way it ought to be but not always is. Sometimes resorts restrict what week you can request if you intend to deposit the week with RCI. And RCI must verify with the resort that you have permission to deposit the week. Sometimes weeks are taken back (in effect) because the resort would not have given you the week if they new you were going to deposit it with RCI so they tell RCI that your week is not valid. RCI has no recourse but to deny the deposit.
  • Some resorts "Bulk Spacebank" some of their floating weeks with RCI. This is supposed to help the owners improve trading power because when an owner finally decides to request a week for the purposes of depositing the week with RCI, the week will have already been deposited and will therefore have higher trading power than it would have if it were deposited by the owner when it he got around to requesting it.
  • When a resort chooses to bulk spacebank, they will deposit weeks when demand is relatively low based on previous years history. Therefore they hold on to high demand weeks for owners who choose to stay at the resort. For RCI traders this precludes getting the highest possible trading power from their floating week since the highest demand weeks are held for use at the resort.



    "You own a 'Fixed Week' so you aren't hurt by this? It doesn't involve you? WRONG! If you own a fixed week, and want to exchange it, you are going to have to take whatever the resorts decide they don't want, if you go through RCI and II. Because they are going to keep most (guessing 85% or more) of all the prime weeks for members/owners. That gives the owners/members high value, but it devalues your trades into other resorts. Pretty soon there will be virtually no Eastern Seaboard trades in the summer (like there are many now). Want a ski week? Better learn mud skiing, cause all you will get is May or October in Steamboat Springs..."

  • When requesting a week for trade, the resort chooses among the weeks already space banked. The resort may not choose a week that maximizes your RCI trading power. They may opt to assign a week that is close to expiring to make sure it isn't "wasted". If they have weeks from Jan to May banked with RCI and you call in Oct to request a week, which week do they give you. Of course a Jan week because that one will expire soonest. Was that the best choice for you though? Probably not.
  • With the resort picking a week for you, you get less span-time. "If I spacebank today, and they give me credit for a unit that has a date of April 26th, even though it may have been in the bank for months, I still have to use it by April 26th in two years. And I never vacation in April, I vacation in October. Therefore, the unit will expire with only one go-around for me, not two. And that isn't fair."
  • Many resorts (not all) require that your maintenance fee be paid before they will assign you a week. Whereas with a fixed week you don't have to get a week assigned from the resort and therefore you can't be forced to prepay maintenance prior to depositing with RCI.
  • If you think you can request a prime week as if you were going to use it, wait for the resort to send you a confirmationdeposit it, and then try to deposit the week at RCI, think again. "My resort conveniently leaves off a room number on the confirmation to preclude RCI deposits". RCI will not accept a deposit without a unit number.
  • If alot of resorts go to the bulk-banking of non-prime weeks,there will never be any prime weeks availeable through the exchange companys. Let us all remember that exchanging is a major advantage to owning timeshare and has been one of the main reason for its continued popularity and growth.
  • "The weeks that are spacebanked and not used by owners is a gift to RCI and the resort is obligated to fulfill their end of the bargain even though the owner never uses the time elsewhere. The point I was making was that if the unit is given up for nothing, the resort has to pay the costs of having someone in that unit which is part of your total maintenance fee and only RCI benefits by collecting their exchange fee."

Post by Fern Modena:
In the DEMAND area, there are two sublistings...first is demand of your specific resort, then demand for your location. This is important to me, cause it helps one of my resorts a lot. Kuhio Banyan is not too spiffy...it is well located, but lacks amenities, is in a noisy area, etc. But because it is Hawaii, it trades better than most other places.

I recently tried to get a two bedroom unit in Mazatlan, against my two bedroom Cancun unit. No go, there are not that many in MZT (mainly 1BDRM 6/4, where somebody sleeps in the living room). So instead, I took my Kuhio Banyan 1BDRM, asked my resort to change it into 2 studios (this is an option I have with the resort), then spacebanked the two studios. I got a 1bdrm 6/4 FOR EACH studio! 

Post by Basil:
If Tammy is correct, then those of us that have floating time are at a severe disadvantage when dealing with RCI. For instance, the time- share that I have is a Fairfield property, rated as a Gold Crown Resort, and is dedicated to the Fairshare Plus Point System. The earliest I can request a week is ten months prior to use. Even though this is a significant amount of lead time, it is still much later than the "two years prior to use" deposit that an owner of a fixed week at a less desirable timeshare resort can make with RCI. Because of the multiplication factor, the less desirable timeshare may nonetheless have a substantially higher trading power rating with RCI, even though I may have deposited my Gold Crown Resort as early as I could have (i.e., ten months). Is this correct? If it is, what more could I do to increase the trading power of my deposit? 
Post by Ron Donze: You hit the same nail on the head as I did. I mentioned the problem for flex owners to Tammy and she was surprised any resort would prevent owners from prepaying maintenance fees and banking a week two years out. Unfortunately, people have no insight into the factors applied throughout this ratings game. So there's no clear way to improve your trading power. The resort chooses the week they give you in the first place (unless you are very persuasive) so there's another strike against flex owners. 
Post by David Pearson:
Ron, you mentioned something about pre-paying maintenance fees. No one has ever said anything to me about pre-paying. I regularly deposit weeks two years in advance and I pay this year's fees this year...........period. 
Post by Fern Modena:
I have owned at Plaza las Glorias (now known as Sun CLub) since the late 1980's. Since about the second year I owned, they have instituted a policy that you cannot reserve/spacebank/internally exchange unless your maintenence for the year in question is paid. Bad as that sounds, they *do* allow pre-use, so you can use more than one year ahead if you need a couple of quick credits. Just pay the fee. At one time, they were giving discounts to people who paid five years in advance...this year if you paid early, they lowered the cost of internal exchanges by half. 
Post by John Cummings:
I own floating time at both my resorts. Neither resort has ever chosen my week. I call up to make a reservation and they ask what I want. I don't see how the resort can chose your week for you. By the way, I reserve my weeks for exchanging and they know that. However I have always gotten what I asked for within a week or two depending how soon in advance I made the reservation. They offered me the Christmas week for my last reservation which is the highest demand week of the year. It must be pretty good because SFX will take it. Both resorts are high demand. One of the resorts gives a 3 month head start to owners for reserving weeks. 
Post by Basil:
Ron is correct that at least some of the "floating time" resorts will choose your week for you when they know you are using it to deposit or exchange. The Fairshare system, where I own, is one. I have been told by the Fairshare personnel that they never allocate their prime summer weeks for space-banking, even if the Fairshare member has more than enough points to request that specific week. I was told that Fairshare reserves the summer weeks for use by Fairfield members, but that they would give me another week to deposit that was "just as good" for trading purposes and would get me what I wanted with RCI. These "just as good" weeks are usually fall weeks, and though still in red time at good resorts, are not as highly demanded as the week would be at the same resort during the summer. I found this our first hand this past spring, when I requested that my points be converted to specific weeks for deposit, and the Fairfield rep gave me two summer weeks at Fairfield Pagosa. I called RCI the same day after being assigned the, and was able to confirm into two exchanges that I wanted immediately. However, a couple of weeks later, RCI sent me a post-card saying the space-bank deposit had been denied by Fairfield. I knew I was current on my fees, and was puzzled. When I called Fairfield about it, that is when I was told that the counselor I had dealt with earlier had made a mistake assigning me the summer weeks, and that I needed to let them assign me a couple of other weeks. Obviously, I wasn't pleased with that prospect, and after discussing it with the Fairfield reps they decided to make an "exception" in this case and went ahead and space-banked the two summer weeks I had been given. This allowed me to keep the confirmations I had gotten. However, it also caused me concern about my trading options in future years when the "exception" would not be available, and convinced me that specific fixed weeks at prime resorts during prime time are superior to "flex" time at the same resorts. 
Post by John Cummings:
I don't doubt that Ron and Basil are correct. I am just curious how such a system works. How does Fairfield know that you are spacebanking your week?

I own at San Luis Bay Inn that is managed by RCIM. It is part of a group of 18 different resorts. I can reserve my use week at any one of the 18 resorts as if it is my home resort. San Luis Bay Inn does allow its owners to reserve 3 months in advance of the others ( i.e. 15 months instead of 12 ). RCIM asks me what week(s) I would like and if they are available they give them to me. Never am I asked if I intend to use them or space bank them. I have sometimes mentioned it to them but they don't care. As I said in an earlier posting, I usually get what I want or close to it. It is true that the summer months are harder to get even though the resort is 'red' all year. As we all know there are various shades of red. However never does RCIM or anybody else tell me what weeks I can have. In fact they have always been very helpful in helping me get what I want. They don't have any idea what I intend to do with my week nor do they care.

I also own at Gaslamp Plaza Suites which is managed by VRI. It works just like my other one except that they are not part of a group. They also don't care what I intend to do with my week that I reserved. I have a prime week reserved right now that I am going to deposit to the highest bidder among the exchange companies, RCI and II excluded. This year I told VRI that I wanted the best trading week that they had and I got it.

The only requirement to get prime weeks is to plan ahead and make your reservations early. I have never had to pay my maintenance fee in advance although that is an option if I wish.

This is the way I had always though floating time was supposed to work. I have never had any trouble exchanging my weeks as both resorts are pretty high demand. The only requirement is that the week must be reserved prior to depositing it. Only the time hase to be reserved, not any particular unit number. I don't belong to RCI anymore but that is a different story. When I did belong, I had no trouble exchanging with them either.

If Fairfield works as Ron and Basil have said then I wouldn't want any part of it either. Seems like they destroy the whole concept of floating time. 

Post by Basil:
John, It sounds like your resort does indeed work like a floating system should, and like the way I thought the Fairfield system would. In response to your question of how does Fairfield know, they generally ask when you make the request. However, even if you don't volunteer that information, RCI always confirms with the host resort that any deposit made by a member is eligible to be deposited (i.e., that maintenance fees are current, etc.). In the case of Fairfield, when RCI called to confirm the deposits of the weeks I had been assigned, Fairfield simply refused to confirm the deposits (though they eventually did in this situation as I explained earlier. 
Post by David Pearson:
Fern, RCI allows you to use weeks from next year also, if I'm not mistaken. Actually, forcing people to pay their maintenance fees BEFORE they can exchange may not be that bad an idea. I just received my annual report from Sunset Beach Club and they just this year foreclosed on 538 owners who owed them over 90,000 pounds (about $150,000). THAT seems a little extreme to me, but Spanish law is a little tricky about foreclosures. 
Post by Fern Modena:
Plaza las Glorias will allow pre-use of several weeks, not just the next one...many resorts in Mexico allow you to use several years weeks in one year, if you pay the maintenence. 
Post by Fern Modena:
Just this year two of my resorts began using new computer programming, which evidentally includes the ability to access at least part of RCI/II's computers. What they do now is "bulk spacebank" many units at once (thousands), for the "less desirable times" ie, not summer, holidays, etc. When you want to spacebank a week, you have to tell them, and they go into the computer and reassign one of these weeks from them to you. You get trading power credit from the date this week was originally deposited. Sounds good, sorta. BUT, you can't decide the week, and you get less span-time...I always pick a December week, so I have two week 48's available to use against it (this year's and next year's). If they deposit and credit me with a week 20, say, I would only have a year and a bit to request against. I did request a longer window from the resort, but they messed things up totally the first time. When your resort messes up your spacebank in an instance where they spacebanked, THEY have to fix it, and that took many days and many phone calls. And you have to check on them what spacebank was made, and when. I don't like it, but it appears to be the wave of the future, since more and more resorts are doing it (two of my three, and at both exchange companies). How I request a week for exchange in one of the smaller companies still has not been answered, although I have requested clarification on this. I know I can do a "friends exchange" by giving my week and a letter, but the other remains unclear. 
Posted by David Pearson:
Fern, perhaps that is another good reason to own fixed time as opposed to floating time. I always know when my weeks are and when I can deposit them. As a matter of fact, RCI has sometimes called me and asked if I would be depositing my May weeks (in May). Perhaps, that is an indication of people looking for work, I don't know but I do know it is easier for me to know exactly when my weeks are. 
Posted by Basil:
David, I tend to agree with you that the fixed time seems to be better. I own both a fixed and floating time, and even though thus far the results I've gotten from the floating time has been very good, I see problems down the road that I don't have to worry about with the fixed week. 
Posted by John Cummings:
IMHO what works best for you is the right way. I far prefer floating time as our system at both our resorts works the way floating time is supposed to work. I don't have any fixed vacation time as I have my own business. That allows us to be very flexible. However maybe fixed time is better for others. What it all boils down to, is simply whatever works for you is right. 
Posted by David Pearson:
John, you are right that what works best for you is the right way to go. It just seems that if you have fixed weeks you always know their value when you deposit them. You can exchange them for ANY weeks you want so you are not set as to when you have to use them if you intend to exchange them which is one reason I bought my timeshare in the first place: to go to different places and see different parts of the world. That was one of the main reasons I bought a timeshare that was affiliated with RCI, the large number of places you can choose from when you exchange. 
Posted by John Cummings:
than I wouldn't want it either. I always know the value of my weeks. I just make sure that I reserve the most valuable weeks that I can. I have never been disappointed yet. One of my resorts belongs to a group of 18 differnet resorts in California, Utah, Hawaii, Texas, Arizona. I can use my week at any one of them as is if it was my own with no exchange fees etc. By having floating time, I have alot of flexibility. I have stayed at 5 of the resorts in our group.

You should always buy what suits your preferences. In other words, to each his own. I wouldn't belong to RCI if they were the only exchange company in the world. I did once but cancelled my membership. However that is a personal thing. II has more resorts than I could ever visit in 10 lifetimes. If RCI works for you, great. My whole point is people should buy and do what suits their vacation plans. I think it is very valuable that we discuss these things so people are aware of what is available. I would never have known that floating time doesn't work at some resorts like it is supposed to. However there are resorts where it does work correctly and it can be very valuable if you use it to your advantage. I happen to be lucky and own at two resorts where floating time does work as it is supposed to. 

Posted by Basil:
John, glad things are working for you and appreciate your comments. One thing that puzzles me though is your intense dislike for RCI but high praise for RCIM. If I'm not wrong, those are affiliated companies and for all practical purposes owned by the same outfit. If you go to the RCI homepage and look under the legal information I think you will find a reference to RCIM. 
Posted by Mary Hanson:
I am very confused after having studied several of the messages regarding trading power. How does a member of RCI become eligible to trade through other companies, such as II or others that have been mentioned? Can someone explain this in a little more detail to me....a new timesharer with a lot to learn!!! 
Posted by John Cummings:
Let me welcome you as a newcomer to time-sharing. You should strongly consider joining "The Time-Share Users Group" TUG. It will help you learn and will give you access to the very valuable resort rankings/reviews section. The resorts are all ranked and reviewed by us at TUG who have actually stayed at them. The cost is only $15.00 /yr. and you can join on line. 
Posted by John Cummings:
I believe that you are absolutely right about RCIM being a part of RCI. It is quite simple why I like RCIM and have a dim view of RCI. RCI exchange/travel did me wrong. They lied to me. If you want the details, let me know and I will be happy to e-mail them to you. I don't have to belong to RCI and I don't. RCIM however manages our resort group. They have always given me excellent service. They know my feelings about RCI exchange and they are very quick to point out that they are NOT RCI. I am sure that they are but don't admit to it. At least the people that I have dealt with.

I think the answer lies in the history of our group of resorts. Our group is the old Glen Ivy group. In my opinion they were absolutely the greatest thing in timesharing. Do you know that when we agreed to buy at the sales presentation ( didn't know about resales then ) that a Glen Ivy VP talked to us to make sure that buying was what we wanted to do. I asked him why and his reply was that they did not want any unhappy owners. The Glen Ivy people were very innovative and I believe were pioneers in enhancing the value of time sharing. They would bend over backwards to satisfy their owners requests. I have never heard a bad word about Glen Ivy from any owner. They got me into an affiliated resort ( not member of group ) in Lake Tahoe for the July 4th week with only one months advance notice. I pleaded with them because my daughter was coming to visit us and wanted to go. They never charged any fee for it though they could have. However they went bankrupt because of a disgruntled employee. The employee was mad for some reason and accused Glen Ivy of overselling time share weeks. The state of California suspended their right to sell while the case was being investigated. The investigation took one year. As you know if a developer can't sell, then they are in trouble. Do you know that Glen Ivy set up a special hot line for owners to keep up with the status of the investugation. They never hesitated to keep us informed of the impending problem and what was going on. When it was said and done, the state found that Glen Ivy was innocent but after a year of not being able to sell, it was too late.

Now how does all that relate to RCIM? It probably doesn't except that RCIM kept the Glen Ivy employees and also have tried to retain the system. There has been some tightening up and more restrictions but it is still pretty good. Glen Ivy was much more flexible on carrying unused weeks over to the next year and they never charged any fee to change your reservations. RCIM charges $15.00 to cancel or change a reservation.

I guess I have gone on and on about this, probably boring everybody. It is just that I loved Glen Ivy and am sad about what happened. 

Posted by Jake Bercu:
Thanks for the explanation on Glen Ivy. I own at Tahoe Seasons Resort, and I read a lot about the negative consequences of the Glen Ivy bankruptcy on my resort, all out of context. Was there any link between VRI and Glen Ivy? 
Posted by John Cummings:
I own at San Luis Bay Inn and we didn't really feel any negative consequences that I was aware of. Maybe other owners did. Glen Ivy had no choice in the deal but how they handled it with regard to keeping the owners informed was remarkable. I also own at Gaslamp Plaza Suites which is a VRI property. I don't know of any connection between them and Glen Ivy but I could be wrong. The two groups of resorts are completely separate so I don't think there was a link.

We have stayed at Tahoe Seasons Resort a couple of times and really enjoyed it. They were very good about letting us select out unit for the best view etc. and this was in July both times. 

Posted by Jeff Veteto:
Prepayment of maintenance fees should be a requirement if your resort is being run properly. It is like going to the movies tonight and not paying until next year because you always pay for going to the movies every year. The resort is hung out for the value of the trade and if you default, the other owners are the ones who have to pay. I can't imagine any well run resort not requiring prepayment when the time is spacebanked. 
Posted by Jeff Veteto:
If your resort is doing bulk spacebanking, you had better have a long talk with the management as they are NOT acting in your best interests. Bulk spacebanking is giving the shop away to RCI or II or to whomever is getting the spacebank. They are obligating the resort to furnish that time no matter what the owners want and that isn't right. Bulk spacebanking only helps the exchange companies. I would be glad to hear other points of view. 
Posted by John Cummings:
I agree with Jeff. Neither of my resorts do bulk spacebanking. II told me that some resorts do but ours isn't one of them. In fact our resorts favor the owners by allowing them to reserve their weeks before the general public can. 
Posted by Fern Modena:
I think you know that I am against "Bulk Spacebanking." Nevertheless, two of my three resorts do it now, one with RCI and one with II. THEY SAY it is in our best advantgage, since if we "forget" to spacebank till way late, we will get a credit for a unit that has been spacebanked for months and months. What do you see here??? What *I* see is that they are rewarding the people who do not plan ahead as far, and hurting those of us who do. I had to beg to get a week 6 months out to spacebank. I sure don't want something sooner, cause I want the maximum time to use it. If I spacebank today, and they give me credit for a unit that has a date of April 26th, even though it may have been in the bank for months, I still have to use it by April 26th in two years. And I never vacation in April, I vacation in October. Therefore, the unit will expire with only one go-around for me, not two. And that isn't fair. So I fight to get as much as I can... 
Posted by David Pearson:
I cannot say that I agree you prepayment of maintenance fees simply because you spacebank in advance. Spacebanking in advance helps you get better exchange value/power but you should not have to pay the maintenance fees until you actually use the week to make an exchange or until the year it is due. For instance, I spacebanked 2 weeks for 1995 in 1993. Why should I pay the maintenance fees before 1995. AND I actually did not use the weeks until 1996. If you can't use the weeks unless the maintenance fees have been paid for that respective year I don't see how the resort can lose anything. 
Posted by David Pearson:
Another check in the "pro" column for fixed versus floating weeks, IMHO. I can deposit my 1999 weeks this year and thus (since I don't have to use them until 2001) actually have 4 years to use that week. No fighting to get a week I want, I already have weeks I want AND plenty of time to get a good exchange. 
Posted by Jeff Veteto:
Once you spacebank that time, the resort is committed to furnishing it to the exchange company. You can use that spacebanked time at any time, therefore you should have to pay for it when spacebanked. You can use the time, bail out of your timeshare and the resort is holding the bag. What have I missed? 
Posted by Chris Mazarati:
As stated in the fairfield example,points systems can hurt your trade power.You are at the mercy of your home resort to assign you a "quality" red week as opposed to "just any old red week".As most of us know,red is not always "bright red".Two of my three weeks i own are floating,but my resort allows us owners to pick our own weeks every year even if we intend to deposite with rci.I often trade these weeks so i am always sure to select the best "red" weeks possible to maximize trade value.I like controlling my own destiny,especially when it concerns MY real estate. 
Posted by Chris Mazarati:
David-what you are saying makes sense ,but it is not always necessary to own fixed weeks.There are some very real advantages to owning floating.for example...I own summer floating time on the beach in the san diego area,this means i can select any summer week i want whether it is for use at my home resort or for exchange through rci.Every year i reserve july 4th week even though i intend to exchange,the trade value of this week is unbelieveable!How much do you think a fixed 4th of july beach week would have cost us???I get it every year without having had to spend a fortune to have purchased it as a fixed week. 
Posted by Chris Mazarati:
David-you make another valid point for fixed weeks,but how many people book their vacations 4 years ahead???My wife and i reserve a 4th of july beach week every year and do so one year in advance.We then,usually,deposite our week immediately with rci.We book our vacation 7-12 months ahead and rci then confirms our request either immediately or within 2 weeks.I guess this is why we never leave rci,they are unbelieveably professional and always get the job done. Our Ocho Cascades week is occassionaly a pain in the butt because it is fixed.We never trade it so we have to find a way to arrange our schedules to accomodate our week there.This year i would give my left arm to be able to use it a different week. To each his own,i guess if you own a "bright red" week somewhere (and can afford to) and are extremely flexible it will work. Of course, I doubt I will ever actually pre-use a week but anything is possible. 
Posted by John Cummings:
Bingo. You hit it right on the head. I do exactly the same thing that you do. I have the Christmas week reserved at the Gaslamp Plaza Suites in downtown San Diego. Heaviest demand week of the year. I told then that I intended to exchange it when I made the reservation. I do the same thing with the summer months at San Luis Bay Inn. I then see who will me give the best deal for these weeks. II always gives me a bonus of some form for San Luis Bay Inn so they usually get that week. Neither of our resorts does bulk spacebanking. 
Posted by John Cummings:
agree with Chris and I use my floating weeks like he does and in the same time frame. David, you can't condemn all floating weeks resorts. Our two work very well for us as apparently Chris's do also. I am very glad that we don't have fixed weeks. It depends a lot on how the resort treats its owners. At both my resorts the owners come first. We get first choice on reservations for both use weeks and bonus time. Neither resort does space banking. We always get the weeks we want within a reasonable time frame. Of course you will have a little trouble reserving the July 4th week in June though it happened to me once. 
Posted by Chris Mazarati:

John-Glad to see we both have success with our floating ownership.BTW rci gives me a bonus exchange week every year i deposit with them(otherwise known as 2 for one trading)....not a bad deal... 

Posted by Ron Donze:
If there is anybody in the industry out there who can comment on the point I'm about to make, I'd sure appreciate hearing it.

Do you think part of the reason for bulk spacebanking is related to work load for the resort staff. If the resort doesn't bulkbank, I would think there would be a tremendous rush at the beginning of when reservations can be made for the prime weeks. With bulk spacebanking, there's nothing to rush for and they come away feeling like they're helping their owners and punishing those pesky traders who don't want to come to their own resort (you bad boys). 

Posted by Chris Mazarati:
Ron-You are 100% correct in your saying that there is a certain "rush" in the beginning of the reservation period for the "prime" weeks,but like they say.."all's fair in love,war,AND TIMESHARE.Those owners who wish to use their weeks at the home resort have just as much a chance to reserve their week as those of us ("bad boys") who might have an interest in exchanging.If those people who want to stay at the home resort didnt take the time to call the resort on resrvation day and reserve a week whose fault is that???? My resort is in california and on the beach.The vast majority (89%) of my fellow owners use their weeks at our resort.They know which days are reservation days as well as i,therefor we all understand the rules and peacefully co-exist. As far as work load goes...i think it is part of the resorts job to handle reservation calls ,even if there is somewhat of a rush.I know at my home resort the "rush" only lasts about 20 minutes.Owners know what time the resort starts accepting calls on reservation days and that is when they call..all at once because they are competing with each other for certain weeks.The additional work load for the home resort is nominal. 
Posted by John Cummings:
What a coincidence. I also get the same thing from II for our San Luis Bay Inn property. I Have already exchanged last years bonus week for Mazatlan this May. This years bonus week we are exchanging at the Polo Towers in Las Vegas. That gives us two excellent trades without having to exchange our regular "use" weeks. As well as the bonus weeks we have also received free extensions to our World Preferred membership at II so we are now paid up through the year 2003. 
Posted by John Cummings:
The resort staff at our resorts are not involved in the reservations process. That is handled by the management companies RCIM and VRI. Bulk spacebanking is 100% against what we were sold. Bulk spacebanking hurts the owners because it restricts their freedom. I have no idea on the rationale behind bulk spacebanking. Fortunately it is not my problem because neither of our resort groups do it. An owner is free to rent any week of the year for whatever reason which is how floating weeks are supposed to work. Owners are given preference in making reservations at their home resorts by giving them lead time. 
Post by David Pearson:
First, of course, I do not condemn any resorts for their methods or types of timeshares. It just seems to me that fixed weeks work better. However, from Chris' response it sounds as though you are saying that if I have a fixed week I have to exchange that week for another resort during the same week. That is, if I deposit week 34 then I must exchange for another week 34. I don't know if that is waht Chris is saying but it is certainly not the case. I have exchanged my weeks for different weeks in the spring, summer, fall and winter. 
Post by David Pearson:
It seems to me that bulk spacebanking could be the answer for some resorts who don't want to be bother with the hundreds of phone calls. I do have a question though about bulk spacebanking. Is it only done with floating week timeshares? I'm not putting down the concept - only looking for an answer. Actually, my home resort has what you might consider the opposite problem: people NOT depositing their weeks and then NOT using them! When that happens everyone loses because the resort has to hold the unit until the last day just in case you show up. My resort sends out a package every year asking the owner to let them know if he/she intends to use the week. They also offer to provide a special food package for you so you don't run into that problem of arriving on Saturday and finding no grocery stores open on Sunday (very much the case in Spain). They also began offering different arrival dates this year. 
Post by John Cummings:
I have a question for you. If the resorts hold your week until you arrive then I assume that the concept of bonus time does not exist at fixed time resorts. Is this true? With our resorts you must reserve your use week no later tnan 14 or 21 days before your arrival date. After that it becomes available for bonus time which is on a daily basis only available to owners. In other words all units that are not reserved become available for bonus time for the next 14 - 21 days. Bonus time can be reserved from 0-14 or 0-21 days before your requested date. We use bonus time a lot for visits to Palm Springs and downtown San Diego. It is pretty nice to go out on the town and then be able to stay in a a nice place for $25.00 /nt. They use the money earned from bonus time to offset some of our maintenance costs. The rates are set by each resorts HOA. It seems like bonus time is not possible at fixed time resorts. 
Post by John Cummings:
You say that you do not condemn floating time. However in the same breath you say that fixed time works better. Fixed time may work better for you. In my case floating time, as our resorts do it, works much better for us. As far as affordability goes, that is not even an issue with me. You know that there is no such thing as a standard price for any kind of a timeshare. 
Post by John Chase:
> As stated in the fairfield example,points systems can hurt your trade power.You are at the mercy of your home resort to assign you a "quality" red week as opposed to "just any old red week".As most of us know,red is not always "bright red".Two of my three weeks i own are floating,but my resort allows us owners to pick our own weeks.

I see how this could happen with points but the way it's supposed to work is we find the week we want to trade for then Fairfield deposits a similar week for us. This is to be sure we give & get equal units. Based on my previous experiences with both II & RCI I think this is a superior approach. It seems to me like both groups nearly go out of their way to offer the lowest possible resort regardless of what/when you deposit. I prefer the clout of a larger organization such as Fairfield trying to be sure I get an equal trade. I really don't have time to do battle with exchange companies - nor should I have to. In addition I find that it's much easier to get both the week(s) and locations I want by using points compared to a fixed/floating week. Not to say that a point system is always the best choice but that it is a legitimate option and has added to my flexibility and enjoyment of my timeshare weeks. I don't consider the un-certain pedigree of a possible deposited week to be a big factor. 

Post by Fern Modena:
Personally, I would never buy Points. Course if you wanted to own and stay at a specific place always, you might not have a choice. However, people should be aware that with points, they may not be able to use the same amount of time next year as they do this year. The point values may not always remain constant. They do not promise you that they will. They only promise that ALL THE POINTS, that is, the total number, will remain constant. But a summer week, 1 BDRM, may be 350 points, for example, this year. If many people want that, then next year it would be perhaps 450 points, and off season studios would cost less. Or something else, to make up the difference. But if you only owned 375 points, you'd be SOL for next year's summer week.  


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