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Your Location: Timeshare Users Group Advice: Monarch Grand Vacations and Pacific Monarch Resorts   |updated: 6/30/08

The information in this article is correct to the best of my knowledge. I am not an employee of Monarch Grand or Pacific Monarch, just an owner of points. I have not been paid for this article. The purpose is to enhance your knowledge of Monarch Grand Vacations. Much of this information is taken from www.MonarchGrandVacations.com

By Bill Bunker

Updated June 27, 2008


Monarch Grand Vacations & Pacific Monarch Resorts 

Monarch Grand Vacations (MGV), multi-resort, points-based vacation ownership program by Pacific Monarch Resorts (PMR). The MGV program currently has over 50,000 owner families.  All future resort development and sales by Pacific Monarch will relate solely to the Monarch Grand Vacations program. Presently this consists of villas at each of the existing PMR resorts, as well as the new resorts that have been developed for the exclusive use of MGV.

The developer:

Pacific Monarch Resorts is a California based developer of timeshare. They have several locations within driving distant from Los Angles.

PMR has four original resorts in California include Palm Canyon Resort & Spa in Palm Springs, Riviera Beach & Spa and Riviera Shores in Dana Point, and Riviera Oaks in the hills outside of San Diego..

Many owners at these PMR locations are not Monarch Grand Vacations owners. They mostly own floating weeks/points at one of the locations only. Many own EOY (every other year) units in which they can use their unit only in odd or even years. The size and season of the villas is dependant on the number of points they originally purchased.


Monarch Grand Vacations  currently manages as stand alone and MGV locations:

         Riviera Beach & Spa Resort - I & II (Dana Point, CA)

         Riviera Oaks Resort & Racquet Club (North San Diego County, CA)

         Palm Canyon Resort & Spa (Palm Springs, CA)

         Riviera Shores Resort (Dana Point, CA)

Monarch Grand Vacations exclusive locations

         Cancun Resort (Las Vegas, NV)

         Cabo Azul Resort (San Jose de Cabos, Mexico.)

Monarch Grand Vacations location (not managed by  MGV)

         Cedar Breaks Lodge & Spa (Brians Head, UT)

         Desert Isle of Palm Springs (Palm Springs)

         Tahoe Seasons Resort (South Lake Tahoe)

How Monarch Grand Vacations works

Vacation Ownership Points . . .

Monarch Escape Time . . .

Day Use . . .

Trading . . .


Resell info . . .

Remember points are issued once every 2 years for use in that 24-month period.


Point Roll-Over, Banking or Borrowing

There is no roll-over, banking or borrowing of points.  The logic is that a two-year use period provides ample opportunity for owners to utilize their points.  The alternative is to make full week reservation with Monarch Grand Vacations and then deposit with Interval International thereby extending the opportunity for use beyond 24 months.  MGV will also let you buy just few points to complete a reservation (5 pts).


Premier memberships

For those owners with more than 600 MGV points there is now a new program of premier memberships.

Why become a TUG member?

There is an extended TUG resort reviews database here on this web site available only to TUG members. There are over 4000 resorts covered by this database now and growing weekly. The reviews also include pictures of the resorts, general resort information and a list of owners' email addresses who are willing to answer additional questions regarding the resorts not covered by the detailed reviews.   This is a quick way to see how our members rate the resorts which they have actually stayed at. It has become a valuable source of information to use when planning for exchanges.




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