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Personal Interval Choice (PIC) Program - Wyndham Points article 3 of 10
This Timeshare Advice article discusses Wyndhams Personal Interval Choice or PIC program.  Written by TUGGERS and provided to you free by the Timeshare Users Group!

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Article III - Personal Interval Choice (PIC) Plus Program

by TUGGER: GoofyHobbie

Each year a participant in PIC Plus can pay a fee to “PIC” up to two non-Wyndham fixed weeks that they pre-arranged to assign to Club WyndhamSM Plus in return for points.  The non-Wyndham week(s) must be affiliated with RCI and cannot be part of a points-based system.  

Maintenance and other fees due each year to the Property Owner’s Association (POA) of the non-Wyndham Week(s) are the direct responsibility of the original owner of the Week(s). Those fees are required to be kept current during the time a Week is designated for use by Wyndham.

A participant in the PIC Plus program has three options for usage of involved Week(s) each year:

  • Exchange the Week(s) for PIC Points [The points that the owner will receive is determined by the value that RCI gives the particular Week.]
  • Deposit and exchange the Week with RCI
  • Occupy the Week through the non-Wyndham resort’s normal process

If option one is chosen by the PIC participant, upon assignment of the week for points, there will be a fee of 69 cents per thousand PIC points to cover the administrative cost of the Club WyndhamSM Plus vacation exchange program.

Note:  If the timeshare week is exchanged for Wyndham points, the exchange is a one-time annual assignment only and will NOT be considered a permanent conveyance of ownership.

To exercise option one, each year the member MUST first call Wyndham or use the PIC Plus notification form to advise Wyndham at least ten months prior to the check-in date of the timeshare interval week(s) to be assigned.

Once Wyndham verifies with the POA that the week is available with maintenance fees up-to-date, the owner can pay an $89 fee for each Week the owner exchanges for points. The points allocated will then be available for reservations one year from the date of assignment to the account. However, points allocated cannot be converted to maintenance dollars, deposited in the Points Credit Pool, or used for an Advanced Reservation Priority reservation. Source: Pages 373-374 of the Club WyndhamSM Plus Member’s Directory 2009 -2010

Note:  It is my understanding as of May, 2010 that it is possible that someone who purchases as little as 77k points retail for between $11 Thousand and $12 Thousand, by spending that amount for “New” Wyndham points, can bring in qualifying PIC Week(s).  

Keep in mind that in the end, it is the total out of pocket cost that you will want to watch out for.  The cost per point varies by “home resort” chosen and the overall cost may include a processing fee and or other fees. Keep “your eye on the ball.” The “ball” in this case is the bottom line cost to you to do the overall transaction. For someone wanting to become a ClubWyndhamSM Plus VIP, for the benefits available, taking advantage of such a purchase may be of interest.

A Buyer who must have VIP status; but wants to get it as cheaply as possible may also consider making a conversion of a previously purchased Fairfield Resort, Inc. fixed timeshare Week, separately or together with a “Corporate Direct” purchase of the minimum amount of points to enroll up to two qualified fixed Weeks in the PIC program. For more on the possibility of doing a conversion see Article IV - Conversion of Fairfield Week(s) to Wyndham Points. 

Participating in the PIC Program and/or converting one or more “Weeks” of original Fairfield Resort, Inc. timeshare can easily get someone to VIP without giving up more hard earned dollars than you have to for the privilege. But, analyze your options carefully and keep in mind that sales and marketing by Wyndham is dynamic and can change at any time.

If you choose to look into either the PIC program or the conversion opportunity consider doing so by going through Wyndham “Corporate Direct” rather than through a regular sales presentation at a Wyndham resort. The regular sales personnel, more likely than not, will try hard to get you on the hook for as much as possible.  Wyndham “Corporate Direct,” on the other hand, is a low key take it or leave proposition.  Wyndham “Corporate Direct” has an office in Orlando, FL which can be reached at 1-800-786-6764. 


If, you have any inquiries regarding how to use Wyndham’s product features or benefits consult Wyndham’s written documents and materials including the resort directory for additional information about how to use the product.  


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