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Where do I find a Timeshare Rental?
We hope the day comes when Timeshare Rentals are as mainstream as Hotel Rentals, but until then, those who read this article will enjoy some amazing vacation deals renting Timeshares!

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Where do I find a Timeshare Rental?

Well, the most obvious answer is "Right here on TUG"!  There are on average more between 4500 and 6000 Timeshare ads running in the TUG Timeshare Marketplace at any given time!.  Thousands of these are indeed owners looking to RENT out their Timeshare units, many for prices you couldn't find even at the cheapest of hotels for an entire week!

Why Rent a Timeshare?

Well this question is easy!  Timeshares are by and large, designed specifically (both the room, and resort) for an extended vacation of an entire week or more!  Timeshare units compared to hotel rooms are for the most part:

  • Larger
  • Have kitchens
  • Have dedicated Living Rooms/dining rooms
  • Have multiple bedrooms (obviously in the case for 2br and above units only)
  • Can sleep more people
  • Have better amenities (items like big screen TV's, DVD players, stereos, full size refrigerators, full size bathrooms)
  • Can be found for MUCH cheaper than most hotel rooms!

Also renting a timeshare is by far the best way to "Try out" a timeshare you might be interested in buying before actually making that purchase!

OK all that sounds fabulous, whats the catch?

The biggest catch most individuals find with renting Timeshares, is that nearly all Timeshares are for an entire week. This is not to say that you cannot find partial week or weekend getaways, but it's most certainly not the norm in terms of Timeshare Rentals being offered by owners.  That said, there is nothing that says you must stay in your room for the entire week you rent!  Some Timeshare weeks are rented at such a bargain, many individuals only stay 3 or 4 days and still make out better than they would have renting a hotel!  

The other catch, is that unlike hotels, Timeshares are not located in every city in the world, and not every week is available for rent in every Timeshare available.  If you are considering renting a Timeshare, in some cases you may have to be flexible with your travel plans in order to find the best deal out there!  It is certainly not uncommon for many folks to go browse the existing rentals and let the best deal decide when and where they want to go on vacation!

Other differences include No or limited Housekeeping at Timeshares (but in many cases you have a washer/dryer in your unit) and Renting a Timeshare from an existing owner makes changes or cancellations significantly more restrictive as it's not likely the owner can make changes to your week (and would still has to pay for the unit if you don't go on your vacation)  Most will not offer refunds if you cancel within a short time of arrival!

Get to the point, where do I find these amazing deals?

As mentioned before, one of the best places to search for amazing Timeshare Rentals is right here on TUG.  The TUG Timeshare Marketplace has Thousands of Timeshare rentals at any given time!  Other frequently mentioned rental websites are located here in this article for reference!:  Frequently Mentioned Timeshare Rental Sites

One tip that many Tuggers will insist on is for you to visit the Last Minute Timeshare Rentals forum on the TUGBBS!  This forum contains ONLY Timeshare rentals that expire within the next 45 days, and are ALL priced at less than $100 a night!   Yes folks, you read that right, full weeks at fabulous Timeshares all over the world for less than $700 for the entire week!  and there are hundreds of them to choose from!

Cant find what you are looking for?  Many owners have floating weeks or points that they cant possibly list all the individual weeks they could rent out to you, in this case you can post your ad in the Last Minute Timeshare Rentals Wanted forum, and the same rules apply!  You are basically asking for a rental within the next 45 days and wont pay any more than $700 for the week!  

For those of you searching for rentals outside those dates and prices, make sure you list your ad in the "Rent Wish" section of the TUG Timeshare Marketplace so that renters can try to fill your request with their floating weeks or points!  I have personally rented Timeshares from members for the past 3 years using these methods, and I will give you an example of the deals I got.

2011:  Las Vegas Nevada - 3bedroom penthouse Hilton on the Strip  $700  (8 of us slept comfortably)
2012:  Las Vegas Nevada - 3bedroom Timeshare at Wyndham Grand Desert $1000 (8 of us again)
2013:  Park City Utah - Marriott 2bedroom  $700

As you can see, when traveling with a group (or a large family), these Timeshare prices simply cannot be beat, and not only are you getting an amazing deal on a vacation rental, you are also helping an existing owner cover his annual Maintenance fees that year as he/she was likely unable to use their week for their own vacation and had to pay either way!  It's simply a win-win situation for all!

How do I know these are Legit deals?

Fabulous question, and we have had a recent Timeshare advice article written to answer that very subject, you can read it's contents here to ensure your future Timeshare Rental is legitimate!

How do I verify a Timeshare Rental is Legitimate?

How have I not heard about Timeshare Rentals before?

It is quite baffling to me that so few people even realize they can rent a Timeshare from an existing owner for such an amazing deal, but even more surprising is that the average Timeshare owner has no idea they can even rent out their own unit to another individual

It is a combination of these factors, plus that the Timeshare industry itself does very little to promote private rentals, that makes Renting Timeshares one of the most economical ways to vacation today!

We hope this article helps you maximize your vacation dollar, and gets you to Rent a Timeshare from a TUGGER!

Feel free to stop by our Timeshare Community Forums if you want to ask specific questions, with more than 60,000 other Timeshare owners and experts, no question goes unanswered!


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