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As well as countless news articles in other newspapers and periodicals all over the world  The following is a list of some wonderful comments we have received from members both past and present!

Thanks for maintaining a great site; I saved $30k by buying my first TS resale, thanks to TUG!  - B.M.

I originally joined TUG to sell my mother's timeshare, which your site successfully assisted me in doing.  Thank you for you assistance.   W.S.


You thank us for support but I want to thank YOU for such a great source of information!   A.R.


The information I have already received from your website has been very valuable good job  R.S.


I love TUG.  K.L.


Tug is an excellent resource! J.B.


No doubt TUG is the best  J.S.


You have a great web site.  T.G.


We sold our timeshare and will not be renewing our membership. We appreciate the valuable information provided through this website.  L.B.


I have enjoyed and valued TUG for many years.  Thank you!  S.S.


Thanks for a  great service.  G.B.


Thank you and thanks also for a great site with lots of useful information. I find it very helpful when planning a vacation.  K.S.


Thanks for all you do.  TUG is a terrific community to belong to!  G.D.


Our timeshare, Peregrine Townhomes, was hit by hurricane IKE and is down till 2010, but hope to pursue timeshare travel and enjoy all the information tug has to offer by then, thanks M.W.


we sold our timeshare as a result of our ad on your website.    R.M.


Many thanks for keeping this going. Most honest resource for timeshare info out there! M.T.


I have recommended your site to many of my friends over the years and they continue to thank me. F.P.


While I have the chance, I would like to let you know how much we have enjoyed TUG.  It was through this service that we were able to find a deal for our first timeshare purchase!  The reviews and suggestions are very informative, too.  Keep up the good work! J.D.


your site is chock-full of great information! D.S.


We managed to sell all 4 of our timeshares.  Thanks for the good job you do. D.S.


Thank you for the wonderful organization and information you have provided to us. R.R


TUG has been an invaluable tool for me when planning my timeshare vacations. I'm glad to contribute. Thanks so much for keeping this website going.  J.B.


Thanks for the wonderful world that is TUG! T.Z.


I love the TUG website. It's always very helpful. T.M.


please keep up the great work you do  G.K.


Thank you for this valuable resource that you provide.  W.I.


Thanks for everything. Awesome board you've got here. One of the best I frequent. R.F.


Thank you for all that you do.  M.L.


Again, thanks for maintaining such a wonderful and resourceful forum for us. C.T.


Thank you for all you do. S.L.


Tug is awesome and has taught me how to get so much more from my weeks.  G.l.


Thanks for the great site.   M.M


Thanks for a great site and keep up the good work! It's the best TS site out there.  R.W.


Thank you for contacting me about renewing our membership with TUG. While we have enjoyed our time as a TUG member and have found it quite beneficial, we have recently sold both of our timeshare units and no longer are timeshare owners. As such we have decided not to renew our membership with your fine organization at this time.  Many thanks for all you have done in the past and continue to do for timeshare owners.   T.B.


I enjoyed the website and found it to have lots of info when we were exchanging weeks.  T.W.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE TUG! It is a wonderful, informative site. I have developed many wonderful friendships over the years.   R.P


I love you TUG!  D.P.


Enjoyed your website immensely. R.B


Thank you for the exceptional website  T.R.


Having been successful in selling our timeshare through TUG classified ads, we are no longer timeshare owners and have no expectation of returning to
the fold in the foreseeable future, so we will not be renewing our TUG subscription.  Thank you for the service provided.  P.H.


Thanks for doing such a great and inexpensive service!  L.S.


I just sent payment for 3 more years. Over the years of being a member it has been the best $$ I ever spent!! Thanks for having this site, I for one really appreciate it!!  S.A.

You provide a wonderful service. Thank you very much.  a.s.


I was very pleased to be a member. My fellow members were, for the most part, gracious and helpful.  Thanks very much, keep up the good work  B.M.



we were able to resell or timeshare for a small amount of money, through your sales listings and thank you very much for the service.  M.H.


Dear Bill Rogers,  I think T.U.G. is one of the best things I've come across in my 20+ years of timeshare ownership. I only wish I had connected with it that long ago   M.S.

We have been TUG Members for a long time and have found it to be a very useful service c.g.


GREAT JOB!!! Thank you for all your hard work and effort on behalf of the TUG membership!!! Just one more great resource and benefit. I'm thankful to be a part of this great group of folks. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A.S.


Just wanted to say thanks, because of TUG and great advise from fellow Tuggers I have now successfully sold a week (at a resort I never thought I could sell let alone profit $900, and also successfully rented a week. S.S.

TUG is a great site and service for vacation owners. L.P.

TUG is a great organization and has been very helpful to me.  C.C

many thanks for all you do for TUGgers. We are indeed a wonderful community, and your unfailing and dedicated efforts are much appreciated! D.F.

Thanks, and keep up the great job with your excellant website!  J.V.

I joined TUG to find a good and trustworthy source of information and people in order to sell my two timeshares that had become a burden to me. I had no desire to make money on the timeshares, but just wanted to move them on to someone else who would enjoy them. Through TUG I was able to find a school principle who was planning to retire in a couple of years. He and his wife were looking for affordable timeshares they could use to travel in their retirement. It was a wonderful fit. TUG members also helped me find someone to walk us through the paperwork and properly finalize the sale and transfer. I could not have been happier with my experience with TUG. This is a great organization with great people and I very much appreciate all the help you gave to me.   R.R.


 I just wanted to say thanks for TUG! I love everything about it and it has greatly impacted my vacation experiences.  Best Regards, P.V.

I just love the TUG website, I recommend it to all my friends that own timeshares! C.L.

Thanks once again for serving the timeshare public in a responsible and efficient manner. This free service will come in handy for all the reasons it was created and looks promising. I know I can trust you for reviews and special timeshare owner tips that we all need during these uncertain times, now I can also try your new service too for secure and attractive options.  GOOD  JOB  !!!!!!  S.M.

first I would like to thank you all for sharing your knowledge with all of us newbies:-)  I am very new , have been studying for the last few days on tug site and my head is just spinning.  U.K.

I got a lot of help and guidance from this board also. There are some really great people here, and I am happy someone else has indulged in the value of this site. L.P.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who graciously posts such helpful information. I've been lurking around here for a while - occasionally asking a question, but generally found most of the information I was looking for was already here.  We've been contemplating some sort of timeshare purchase for a while - and would have gone down the wrong path had it not been for all of the information here. We probably would have ended up buying something in Orlando (thinking it would trade well) buying direct from the developer (wasn't aware of resale).  Anyway, to make a long story short, we've just bought our first timeshare (interval ownership, actually). We are stepping into this slowly - so we bought a week at The Royal Caribbean in Cancun. We rented at The Royal Sands last month and spent some time checking all of the Royals out. The 10 year lease works well for us - it lines up with our youngest heading off to college.  We got a GREAT deal on a penthouse beachfront unit. That was only after being flatly rejected by another seller whose asking price was completely unrealistic - yes, he thinks that listing prices reflect selling prices. (At least I knew better!) So after going through the agony of feeling slapped across the face for our "insulting" offer, we managed to find our new home away from home - at least one week per year.  So, just wanted to say thanks to all of you who helped me without even knowing it. This is a great resource and I am so glad I found all of you to save me from myself. Thanks again! M.L.

I wanted to post my story here of the past 4 months of getting to 5*. Before I do I wanted to say how much I appreciate everyone's help throughout this process. You are all great! If I hadn't found TUG I would not have been able to buy the weeks that I got and I would have paid a lot more to get to 5*.  W.S.

Thank you to all the tugger's everywhere,for the terrific help and information you have given me for my family's( Around the World Trip),in May/June   J.S.

This site has been a great help in learning the process and what to look for. Thanks to everyone here!!  V.B.

I wanted to sincerely thank everyone who provided input for our mega trip to Maui and San Francisco. We are from the Boston area and this was our first Hawaii trip and my first to San Francisco. It was one of the top trips of our lives so far. Your generous input about flights, resorts, activites and places to eat made this trip to Maui and San Francisco one we will never forget.  P.G.

I am a newbie here - and just in time! My fiancee and I purchased a 2br unit from the Grandview at Las Vegas for $25k last week. They threw in 4 extra "bonus weeks" and we travel a lot, so this was very enticing. We were doing research on these so-called "bonus weeks" and found this site. Upon reading this forum (day in and day out), we were able to rescind on the last day! We have always known that we would purchase a timeshare, but never considered the resale market.  I wanted to thank you all so much for sharing your knowledge and helping others make smarter luxury purchases.  We have now decided an HGVC package would be much better suited to our needs and have contacted Seth regarding some options. Thanks again! Look forward to learning more and more on this wonderful site!  P.S.

We have sold our timeshare. Thanks for the help and advice on the really helped while we were selling our unit.  D.S.

I just re-upped for 3 years and paid through Paypal.  As always TUG is a great resource filled website and we have made good friends over the years through the TUG BBS and the TOTUG (Toronto TUG group)  B.C.

We have enjoyed the tug site over the past years... Thanks again for all the hard work on the site. T.G.

Thank you so much for all the time and energy spent making TUG so incredibly helpful for us. I couldnt imagien making timeshare exchanges without the adi of TUG.  TUG's the lighthouse in the turbulent waters of timesharing!  J.T.

Thanks for the past service.  It has been excellent D.B.

I have learned so much about timesharing from TUG. Keep up the good work!  S.M.

 I sold my timeshare. Your site was instrumental in that sale Thanks.  J.N.

We sold our Timeshare about a year ago! Your website helped give me some reality to our dilemma  J.C.

TUG has been a wonderful resource for us. K.L.

thanks for your help i did sell my time share thu this ad.  P.M.


Tug has been a great source of info for our Marriott and Worldmark Timeshares. The best source there is, actually. Thanks for making it work and providing such a great service.  D.B.


I love TUG!  S.H.


Thanks for your help in the past though. TUG helped us a lot. J.N.


Just wanted to send along a thank you note for the great work you guys do with TUG and the web site. A fine resource for all things timeshare. G.M.


It is a great site that I recommend to many friends.  M.H.


We own two weeks, one for exchange and one for home resort use.  We are very happy with both!  We gifted a third week to our son and his wife that they use and our daughter owns a week that she uses.  Thank you for helping me sell our "extra" week a few years back.  K.B.


We LOVE Tug.   Thanks for all you do.    I am so glad we found out about you years ago.  D.B.


Thanks again for a TERRIFIC site!  M.L.

Thank you for your excellent service  C.C

Yours (website) is the best deal in town and helped us a lot. B.H.

After seeing a previous post for thanking this forum for helping a new owner in purchasing a timeshare. I feel derelict in not thanking this forum and members. I joined in 2000 (?) and purchased a Marriott Summit Watch Gold resale (Shelly Preece Transaction Realty Lifetime Member of Tug) after researching timeshares on TUG. I saved $9000 on that purchase alone. Makes the $15 dollar membership fee seen miniscule now. I still seek advice here and provide some when I can. I have since purchased and sold over 12 timeshares and value the advice of each and every one of you. I feel fortunate that I found Tug and a responsible resale company that directed me the right way before I fell victim to the developer sales staff lies. Thanks again and that $9000 will pay my dues until I pass on to the final timeshare!!!  BM

what a great resource this site is!  R.J.S

Once I found this site, I have been able to make the most of our ownership. The info here is amazing! L.M.

Best $15 I could spend for this kind of information.  P.G.

I want to take the opportunity to thank the site and fellow tuggers for the tremendous services and helps I received in the past.  C.C

Our membership is priceless!!! J.B.

As regards our membership in TUG, we joined because it seemed (and still does) to be a bright light in what we were finding is often a dark
business. And although we won't be renewing our membership (due to no longer owning a timeshare), we nevertheless applaud your mission as an association of like-minded folks who are willing to help one another to enjoy the many benefits of timesharing at its best. A.M.


Thanks TUG!  We joined a year ago to get the straight skinny on the value of our timeshare with the intent to sell. We, like many others, fell for and sent money to, two supposed timeshare selling services promising to get double or triple the value we paid ten years ago. After no results and many hrs. spent on hold checking  the status of our "gold mine", we needed to act ourselves. By using the resources at TUG, we were able to finally get back to reality.  E.D.


Thank you, but I am not renewing my membership because I sold the two time shares I listed with you. Thanks again. D.M.

thanks so much for all your hard work In continuing to enlighten us timeshare users. It is very helpful And informative when making decisions regarding our investments. Keep up the good work.   F.S.

Fabulous - you are the BEST - thanks again. It is amazing how much one can learn through a group experience. - M.S.

Best $25 I could spend -- I've gleaned a ton of info from the TUG site! Thanks for all you do! - B.W.

Just a note to let you know how thankful I am for TUG. I placed an ad to sell my timeshare around the first of June and it sold and whole transaction was completed by September 18. Also JRA Services, Inc., as recommended by TUG, made the whole procedure move along swiftly. - J.W.

I'm a recent member to TUG and have to tell you that I just love it. It is so informative and has helped me make several exchange decisions already. The new BBS is fantastic and it's great to talk to other fellow time-share owners about what and what-not. I'm sure the success of this site is brought on by a lot of hard work and dedication and I just want to say THANKS! Carla Rowell

What a wonderful idea!! I am going to join today. The information I just received regarding an upcoming exchange is invaluable. Keep it up! KATHREN A ALBRIGHT

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate all of the work that you do at TUG. It is my favorite site and the one that I visit most often. I have found the information to be extremely helpful. The information is wonderful and I love being able to talk with people who have actually experienced the results. Thanks again! Anne

Hi I will not be renewing my membership because I sold my timeshare last year. Your service allowed me to sell it on my own. It is a great website. Thanks for the help. Mark Cox

What a SUPER !!!!!!!job on the new web site, it looks great, easy to understand. I will recommend to all for membership. Thank you and keep up the good work. It's the best investment (membership) that I have ever made. Sincerely, Jo Kelly

This ad was successful and I've rented out all my time for the next two years. So we can drop it now. I have other property that I will list at a later time. Jim Pivec

Will use this opportunity to thank you for the great service you provide with TUG. I use it several times a week and find it tremendous! We've been TS owners for over 12 years and only wish we would have discovered something like this long ago. I will continue to do my small part and update the reviews for resorts we visit. Thanks again! Michelle

Testimonial: "I couldn't be happier... I rented 10 weeks in '97 through my ad on this site... I recommend it to everyone I meet." Pam

Thanks for the response. I understand your dilemma. What I don't understand is someone who expects something for nothing. This site has educated me so much on timeshares, and the general public thinking about making a purchase would benefit greatly from the info contained here. Thanks again for all of your work. Kathy

All the great TUG info has saved me so much money and has helped me have some of the best vacations ever! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Caroline

I have been on your TUG website for the last 2 hours. My husband and I recently purchased our first timeshare. It's comforting to know that there is support out there from seasoned timeshare owners, for first-time owners like myself. Thank you so much for this service, Betty M. Flores

We put an AD on your BB early April and was able to sell 3 of our weeks almost immediately. The buyers were very pleasant and it was a pleasure to do business with them. We were able to accomplish our need and the buyers obtained Timeshares in probably the best property in the world , in the best location in London, at a very reasonable price. So seller and buyer's are all happy thanks to "TUG" and Bill Rogers. Thanks for everything, Sincerely, Michael S. Balbes

Thank you very much for your assistance! And thanks for doing such a great job with the TUG page. It is really is a super resource. -- Kendell D. Camp

Bill - Glad to say I have rented the property in Las Vegas thru TUG. What a great service. If now I can only find the time to go somewhere. thanks again. Belinda Tomlinson

I do not wish to renew. I sold my timeshare through your classified so therefore I will no longer need your services. I had been trying to sell it for the last four years.....then I found you....the rest is history. Thanks for everything. Bonnie Gruchalski

Hello TUG (Bill): Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for the Resort Reviews. TUG members saved our butts, big time, the very first time we reviewed a resort.
We submitted an RCI search 3 months ago. After NO phone calls were returned to us to advise of possible matches for our vacation destinations, my husband phoned RCI. He was offered The Cancun Clipper Club, sleeps 6. Great he thought, but reserved time to check with TUG before confirming. THANK GOD HE DID ! This resort was rated a 1 - visitors even went without hot water for 1 wk. If we were going camping this would be great, but it wasn't what we had in mind. We love Mexico (visited it on our 25th anniversary) and wanted to go back again. My husband phoned back to RCI, said he was a TUG member and related some of the stories he had read from visitors to The Cancun Clipper Club, and advised that it was rated a "1". IMMEDIATELY, there were suddenly two weeks available at The Pueblo Bonito Resort in Mazatlan - rated a "9". One member mentioned that this resort has been mentioned twice on "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous".
A HUGE "THANKS" goes out from us both for this useful resource and it's members who take the time to submit resort reviews. We'll submit our own review upon our return home in April. Sincerely, Fran & Joe Hutton

Yes, the ad was successful... I not only rented the unit... I have people waiting in the wings for other units... Dick Eckstein.
PS... I have been sending plenty to the site from AOL and Worldnet.... So subscriptions should have picked up....

Per your suggestion, we are informing you that we have completed an exchange for our week advertised in the Direct Exchange section. It read: Week 4, Club International de Cancun....JCollova
It was easy and fun...this is a great service and one that I will be using much more in the future. Meet a delightful lady in New York who will be enjoying her first trip to Mexico and we are returning to Orlando to see all the things we missed before.

Just to let you know, my 2 bedroom unit at Resort World has been sold. I lowered the price from $3700 to $3200 and that did the trick. It's also interesting that once the price was right, not only did I get e-mail inquiries, but for the first time people also called on the telephone (anxious, I guess).Thanks,Ken Dressner

Thanks for the quick reply. So glad to get the new TUG password. I go in there to check things out daily and would hate to have to miss a day. I'll keep the new password handy. Thanks to you and all the other volunteers for your efforts. You do a terrific job! Thanks again. Carla Rowell

Subject: Horray!
Thanks so much for creating TUG! I finally have a means of advertising my timeshare. I have spent tons of hours and dollars just trying to locate a vehicle to do what you have done. I'm signing up today :) If I can help as a TUG volunteer, please contact me. Again THANKS. Joseph Carlucci

This is one nifty site. We've been all over it and appreciate all the info. Thanks too, for the first-time free opportunity to post an ad! Shannon Jensen

Thanks, you are doing a great job. As a new timeshare owner, I feel comfortable knowing that there is a place I can go to get information. Bob

Please delete my ad to rent our one bedroom unit at the Royal Caribbean in Cancun, Mexico. The unit has now been rented. Thanks for your help!! kathy pitch
p.s. I want to let you know how helpful this site has been to me as a new timeshare owner. I have been able to research resorts, get ideas on resale prices, and because of your exchange database, we have exchanged our unit for a home in Alaska in 1997. This would not have happened without this site. Thanks again!!!

I have called your 800# and left my Visa info to pay for my renewal. I appreciate the services your organization provides. I usually make at least three RCI exchanges a year and my investment in TUG has really paid off! Thanks again!
Sincerely, Elaine Forthofer

We have sold our Cypress Pointe week by advertising on your web page. Thank you so much for displaying the ad in a timely fashion, maintaining a professional ad and continuing to increase your customer interest by adding value add information. We will recommend your site for friends who are considering timeshare rental, purchase or sale.

believe it or not I have sold my timeshare week through your web site. I will recommend you to others thanks jim taber

Thanks, but I think we're going to have the thing sold by next week. Just dotting the I's and crossing the T's so to say. Yes, I rec'd a reasonable response from it. If this deal I'm working right now falls thru, I will be back for another ad run. I have been trying to sell this thing thru an agent for 2 yrs and within a couple months of running the ad on your site, I think I have it sold. Great service, keep up the good work! WILLIAM SLUSHER

Bill: Just a note on the development of this site. We use it on a regular basis. Even though there are not time shares in Alaska, we were able to make an exchange for the use of our house for two weeks for a week in Mexico. Next time I'll go 2 for 2. Thanks Mac

I was extremely happy with the response to the TUG ad. I should have it sold before the new year. Thanks. Nick Palmiotto

Good news! My condo sold, and I attribute completely to the ad in the tug www page. Thanks. You may delete it. Eileen Samberg

Happy Holidays to you Bill!!! My husband and I love TUGS. Thanks for all your hard work! Pat Rutowski

Hi, I am not renewing my TUG membership, NOT because I don't like it. I sold my timeshare last year through TUG (thank God) and just don't have the money to vacation right now. When I recover from this financial disaster I'll be back. You guys do a great job, if only I had found you before I bought! So in the meantime you can take me off your mailing list - Keep up the great work.

Just a word of thanks for a great service. I occasionally drop in to the TUG site and I always find something helpful and interesting. please continue the good work! Wally Jenkins

This is to confirm my message on your 800 number answering machine that I am renewing my TUG membership. The new format and the content of the Web site is fantastic. You are all to be commended.
Thanks. Carol Easton





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There is an extended TUG resort reviews database here on this web site available only to TUG members. There are over 4000 resorts covered by this database now and growing weekly. The reviews also include pictures of the resorts, general resort information and a list of owners' email addresses who are willing to answer additional questions regarding the resorts not covered by the detailed reviews.   This is a quick way to see how our members rate the resorts which they have actually stayed at. It has become a valuable source of information to use when planning for exchanges.



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